Chainsaw Man has left quite an honorable impact on the anime community. Only recently Crunchyroll made a private premiere of Chainsaw Man episode 1 in France and few people took it to their hefty video cameras to record it. The record was later released on 4chan and made rounds on Youtube and Twitter, enraging fans over the Chainsaw Man CGI use. You cannot find the same anymore given that MAPPA was flash-quick (almost scarlet speedster quick) into getting rid of the leaking tank. But for another reason, you won’t need it because we have for ourselves the 15 seconds Chainsaw Man Episode 1 preview.

CGIMan trends in the internet

If you hate CGI, you may want to head to this youtube channel where they fan-animated Chainsaw Man’s first episode and it will blow your mind.

The latest leaks were a reason of concern for most people, with the internet trending #CGIMan to mock the use of CGI in animating Denji. However, after the new Episode 1 premiere, the same people who were so concerned now seem to be relieved a little while some are still downright horrified.

The latter kind is overall scared of CGIs, while the former one seems to be okay so long as the CGI is decent. We exclusively covered the entire leak in our article here. This is a continuation to update fans’ reaction post preview, while the previous one was based on the leaks.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Preview may have been released early due to the leaks

Chainsaw Man Preview
Denji, via MAPPA
  • It is also possible that Mappa forwarded the preview release quite early. Most of the time the previews are simply shown alongside the episode ED.
  • But for the premiere episode number 1, a preview is usually due to being out on the internet platforms and social media handles.
  • This is done to commemorate fans’ welcoming into the series start. From episode 1 onwards each preview of the next episode can be incorporated into the episode itself.

Although creators may decide to release previews separately which is also altogether possible. We usually always see previews for Shonen anime such as One Piece, Boku no Hero Academia, etc. Seinen series often refrain from previews in episodes.

Chainsaw Man Preview CGI fans reaction
Fans reaction in the comment section of youube channel of EzQuart

The most infamously famous for previews have been Dragonball Z  and especially for the Western audience. This is given that everyone recognizes the narrator’s voice that ends the episode with “Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon Ball Z“. And I bet you read this in his voice, hah!

How the fans may receive the CGI in Chainsaw Man Anime Episode 1 has changed after the preview 

The thing that got fans enraged was the fact that the CGI in the leaks felt heavily impoverished and drowned. The anime fandom as time has told us is quite sensitive to series not adhering to its unified ideals. The netizens on the internet quickly called it out and went haywire.

The dual reaction of the crowd

Chainsaw Man CGI reaction by Fans in the youtube channel of EzQuart
  • A majority of the crowd was terrified of the possibility of their most sought Shonen adaptation of Chainsaw Man will find its despicable ends at the hands of Mappa.
  • The rest of the mob was simply defending Mappa and calling the other side to call quits if all it took was a 5-second 4chan leak to get their motivations out.
  • Irrespective of how justified fans were to disdain the CGI in Chainsaw Man episode 1 leak, the official premiere gives us plenty of hope to be hopeful for the same.

As the matter of fact is such that the 4chan leak completely devasted most. The leak made it arousing for the otherwise sensitive Chainsaw Man fans to speculate that the CGI will be Mappa’s biggest letdown. This is not the first time the anime industry has utilized CGI and definitely not the first time for MAPPA. They were previously notoriously caught for using CGI in Attack on Titan but they quickly came about from it. They improved things in part 2 of the final season of Attack on Titan and the fans’ reception was equally accommodating of their efforts.

How the anime industry plays CGI correctly nowadays and how the same should be possible for Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Anime CGI reaction
Subreddit /chainsawfolk talking about the CGI in Chainsawman
  • The anime industry has thus learned to mix in a little bit of CGI with a very well-covered animation style that satisfies both the industry and the audience.
  • One of the reasons for using CGI is that it instantly cuts across the time and effort/work force.

How CGI is combined with drawn animation

CGI is usually combined with drawn scenarios, for example, a 3D background is usually compiled on top of which 2D sketches are drawn and animated. This makes things easier. The use of CGI is often used as a way to cut across the production time and effort but the drawback is always the audiences’ hate.

In the anime industry, the audience’s reception really matters a lot. The failures of Berserk and countless other non-recognized CGI-made anime have defined an industry standard of drawn animation as superior. This is almost a form of animation racism if I’m allowed to say it as so.


Most fans now seem more relieved than ever to see that Chainsaw Man anime preview is not as horrible as the leaks made it to be. The leaks were probably a result of the early screening showing an earlier version of the episode produced. Often time the early private premieres are done as a supplement and feedback technique.

Upon the minority audience who visit the premiere give their feedback, the studio polishes whatever is befitting without changing the pace or the story setting. The primary goal of such early screenings of this level is often feedback for the animation. It is likely that MAPPA upon seeing the internet go haywire decided to improve the CGI and polish it over once again. While some are satisfied that Chainsaw Man won’t be a complete God-Eater anime look-alike, some are still heavily saddened by the existence of CGI at all. 

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