Chainsaw Man Season 1 has finally concluded. For a series that amassed such a huge following, it’s difficult to imagine that it’s over. What’s up fanboys and fangirls, is the crying about how godly the anime is over yet? Here’s everything we know about Chainsaw Man Season 2 release.

What the last episode delivered

The final episode aired on 28 December 2022 and was just as gory and action-packed as you would expect. It ended with The Snake Devil killing Akane. Give that the fact that a mysterious new character showing up at the front. This mystery woman asks Denji if he would rather be a country mouse or a city mouse. The episode ends there, leaving viewers hungry for more.

What’s Chainsaw Man anime has been about?

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Since the dawn of time, Chainsaw Man has been one of the most anticipated anime of the year, and it didn’t fail to deliver. The plot of the series is fairly straightforward- it follows the protagonist Denji who makes a living killing devils for the Yakuza.

When the Yakuza tries to have him killed, he forms a contract with his pet devil, a dog named Pochita, allowing him to turn his body parts into a chainsaw. The Public Safety Bureau, an organization consisting of official Devil Hunters, takes note of Denji’s abilities and takes him under their wing.

chainsaw man author's twitter banned
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  • While the synopsis might seem a bit generic or shonen-esque, what sets Chainsaw Man apart is its gore and violence.
  • It doesn’t shy away from addressing darker themes as well. It is marketed towards a more mature audience and is hence also sometimes referred to as a Seinen anime.

While the first season exceeded viewers’ expectations with its flashy fights and unique ending themes, what does the second season have in store for fans? Let’s find out!

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date

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  1. The first season ends at Chapter 38, which means the second season should ideally pick up at Chapter 39. Unfortunately, as of now, we still haven’t received any official confirmation regarding Season 2.
  2. As a consequence,  we still have no updates regarding when exactly the new season will air. Of course, there is no guarantee that a second season is even in the works.

However, considering Chainsaw Man’s immense popularity, it is hard to believe that the studio (MAPPA, as of now) is not at least considering a Season 2.

Going by MAPPA’s release schedules, we can estimate a Season 2 release in late 2023 or 2024.  For further updates, be sure to keep checking up on this page as well as on MAPPA’s official Twitter account

Chainsaw Man Anime Season 2 Cast

Chainsaw Man Season 2
Denji pulls out the cigarette he didnt swallow

It is more than likely that if Season 2 gets renewed and all goes according to plan, the voice actors from Season 1 will be reprising their roles in the series. The main cast list is given below:-

Denji– Kikunosuke Toya
Makima– Tomori Kusunoki
Pochita– Shiori Izawa
Aki– Shogo Sakata
Power– Fairouz Ai

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Possibilities

What can viewers expect to see from Chainsaw Man Season 2? Well, the manga has over 97 chapters, and Season 1 adapted only about 38 of them. So it is possible that Season 2 will pick up right where the previous season left off, and adapt at least up to Chapters 65-70.

It could even adapt the entire remainder of the manga, considering the pace is kept fast enough. Whatever happens, it’s clear we’ll get to see lots more gore, violence, action, and of course, lots more of Chainsaw Man’s signature dark humor. Here’s to hoping we receive more information about Season 2 soon!

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