As Chainsaw Man Anime episode 2 premiered today, we got better hindsight to the world of devils. Chainsaw Man Episode 2 introduced us to Hayakawaka and gave us a lot of Denji. While Makima’s appearances remain vital ever still, Power thrashes (literally) by the end of the episode. As such, the episode also dives into fiends while simultaneously introducing Power as one. What exactly are fiends, devils, and devil hunters in the world of Chainsaw Man?

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s return after “Fire Punch” manga with Chainsaw Man’s serialization brought with it the grotesque world of devil hunters and devils. The anime adaptation of the Chainsaw Man Manga, with over 16 million copies in circulation was this year’s one of most anticipated anime shows ever.

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 recap

The Chainsaw Man Anime hybrid form
The Chainsaw Man hybrid form, courtesy of Crunchyroll

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 premiered on October 11. Starting with an introduction to Denji and Pochita. While Makima (being the manga fans’ most anticipated character feature of the anime) made her debut only at the end of the episode, we got to see the hybrid Chainsaw Man in action. As Pochita merged with Denji’s heart, the story unveiled that our hero’s situation is historically unprecedented. In the sense that nobody has ever seen such a thing happen before. This will make more sense when we try to analyze what fiends are.

Fears, Devils, and Fiends in Chainsaw Man 

The manifestations of Devil in Chainsaw Man 

Pochita and Denji Chainsaw Man ANIME
Denji and Pochita in the first episode fighting a devil, via Crunchyroll
  • The world naturally harbors many positive and negative experiences for all those who inhabit it. A strange phenomenon occurs in which human fears (similar to curses in Jujutsu Kaisen) give birth to the oddities called devils.
  • Given that these oddities are born from fear, Devils usually are malevolent, grotesque-looking, and harbingers of grief, pain, and tragedy. Most devils take a deformed form, looking always like a smashed jelly hybrid with human sperm.

In all the disgusting ways the devils take shape, even more disgustingly they are thrashed, slashed, and violently massacred by the devil hunters.

Devil Hunters in Chainsaw Man

chainsaw man devil hunters
2 rookies with supervising Public Safety Devil Hunter Himeno and Aki Hayakawa in the trailer (snapped from MAPPA’S official YT)

Public Safety Devil Hunters in Chainsaw Man are individuals who have taken up the task of finding, analyzing, and eliminating any and all devils. Yet because they are up against formidable foes, the hunters themselves make contracts with devils. This gives them an upper hand, even over usual law enforcement. As such, law enforcement agencies usually are ruled to let devil hunters roam, investigate and interfere as the agency fits right.

How it earns to be a devil hunter
Is Denji a fiend in Chainsaw Man?
Denji showing his devil hunter identity to local law enforcement in Episode 2, via crunchyroll

Minor Manga spoiler – There are over a thousand such devil hunters in Tokyo alone. The devil hunters receive the usual salary. Hayakawa in Episode 2 mentions that many of his colleagues met their ends.

  1. Almost all of them joined for the payday, to earn salaries. He says to Denji that to stick in this job he needs steel determinism.
  2. There is also another category, named Private Devil hunters. These types of turn-in bounties don’t work for the agency.
  3. As such they retain their freelancing freedom. In the first episode, Denji mentions that killing a devil usually earns around 300,000 yen.

What are Fiends in Chainsaw Man world?

What is fiend in chainsaw man
Hayakawa explains Fiends To Denji, screengrab courtesy of Crunchyroll

Fiends are also called devilman and are the possessed manifestations of devils. When a dead human body/corpse is possessed by a devil, such a body+devil consciousness is referred to as a fiend.

  • Fiends usually are not as intelligent, as devils lose a staggering amount of supernatural abilities the moment they merge with a physical vessel.
  • Once the devil takes over, the fiend’s personality is the devil’s personality. As such fiends are more like an incarnation of the devil, in its partial glory.
fiend in chainsaw man power
Power’s horn are indicators of her being a fiend. (From Crunchyroll)
  • Power’s horn, as mentioned in Chainsaw Man Episode 2, indicates her as a fiend. But whether the former human persona is lost or not, depends completely upon the devil.

Devils can let the body’s half of the brain remain active, letting the original persona with its intact sense of language and culture. Or the devils can sometimes even relinquish all control.

Is Denji a fiend?

Chainsaw man devil hunters
Makima explaining that Denji is a unique case. Screengrab from crunchyroll.

No, Denji is not a fiend. He is more like a half-fiend half-human. When Hayakawa first explains fiends to Denji in their first joint mission in Chainsaw Man Episode 2, Denji asks if he is one. Hayakawa replies that he isn’t one. Power also previously mentions that Denij’s case is the first in the history of recorded cases. This implies two things –

  1. Pochita has merged with Denji, becoming his heart. As such, Pochita is a physical part of Denji. In some sense, it might mean that Pochita took possession of Denji’s heart.
  2. This allows Denji to become a hybrid chainsaw devil and human. Denji, in this sense, can be understood as a half-fiend. Pochita’s consciousness only lives as a glimmer within Denji.

And given how beautiful their friendship already was, even if Pochita possessed Denji, the cute chainsaw devil may have anyways let Denji retain his consciousness. This is because when merging with Denji, Pochita mentions that he wishes to see Denji fulfill his dream.


denji in chainsaw man hybrid
Denji as seen in the second episode. Courtesy of Crunchyroll.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2 premiered today and gave us plenty of fun stuff. Other than Makima’s savory master attitude and Denji’s despicable life goal of touching boobs, the anime really picks up nicely after the first episode. How did you like Chainsaw Man Episode 2? Let us know in the comments down below.

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