The odds are against you if you read the title without having read the Chainsaw Man Manga. Firstly we apologize to you but we also bear the truth that the internet is a bloody place. Secondly, we bring to you an extravagant explanation that really dives deeply into the psyche of Denji and Makima: how the Control Devil controlled him throughout the series. In doing these, we explain “Why Did Makima kill power?”

Explaining how the Devils Manifest and why Makima wants to control

Why did Makima kill power
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So here’s the deal- Devils are the manifestations of the fears inhabited by the world. So if someone is afraid of a tomato you will see what you saw in the first episode. When Denji fights a tomato devil with his own pet devil named Pochita, we see that devils manifest in a variety of ways.

  • Makima herself in Chainsaw Man Anime Episode 4 talks to Aki Hayakawa about how devils become powerful. The formulae are simple. The more the fear, the stronger a devil is born out of it.
    • This also technically means that for every fear that is shared by two individuals there can be a devil. Although a devil born out of the fear shared by only two people will be negligible.
  • But imagine a wider scale – imagine a devil born out of mass hysteria. A devil is the manifestation of fear shared by a population, or the planet even. Something like global warming and the end of the world, apocalypse, and nuclear warfare, is feared by the world. We already know there is a nuclear devil, by the way. 

So as of now, we know that devils are the manifestations of the population’s fear, and the more the fear the stronger that devil. This also opens up finer avenues of questions. For example, imagine an individual has a fear but it is so ginormous and horrifying that it gives birth to a devil capable of fighting another one born out of two people’s fear. Just how much are fear and devils correlated? 

Makima is the embodiment of the fear of control

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We are drifting into questions here, although that’s how I plan on answering why Makima killed power in Chapter 91 of Chainsaw Man Manga. The point of these questions is to open your brain up to understanding what Makima actually is. She is the control devil. Similarly, The United States in the story has something called a Gun Devil.

Makima in Chainsaw Man Episode 2
Makima allures Denji (snapped via Crunchyroll)
  1. The control devil is precisely the embodiment of the population’s fear of being controlled. We all inevitably may have asked ourselves if we are truly in control of our lives. If the government has been slowly poisoning our water and if some extraterrestrials may be mind-controlling us into their ploy.
  2. Makima is extremely apt in manipulation. She has all traits of a Machiavellian psychopath. These terms are used to denote people who are cunning, scheming, untruthful, manipulative, and incapable of empathy and loving emotions.

Chainsaw Man and Makima’s intentions

is chainsaw man for kids makima is danger
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  • Makima being the incarnation of the control devil, wishes to control everything and everyone. Ironically she is controlled by the government, to whom she considers herself a necessary evil tool.
  • Makima wants to be together with Pochita, the chainsaw devil. Yet because of the nature of her being, she wishes to have everyone who works within her boundary under her leashes.
    • The entire dynamic of her relationship with Denji is overcrowded with such tones. On the surface, she promises him romantic and sexual gifts whereby exploiting him by telling him she will eradicate him if he wishes to run.

How Makima killed Power

Chainsaw Man Power Chainsaw Man Denji
Makima and Denji about to open the door to Power, via Shonen Jump +
  1. In the manga, Chainsaw Man Power arrived to wish Denji a very happy birthday. Throughout the series, the two have grown close akin to being a family despite having a rough beginning. Makima asking Denji to open the door is a reflection of how she seems to give Denji a choice. Inevitably saying that look, you killed her by opening the door.
  2. Denji opens the door purely rationalizing that Makima is kidding. But as the story has brewed since Aki’s death, Power has become more and more fierce in revealing her hidden intentions. Power then proceeds to put a finger gun and slice Power in two.

Chainsaw Man: Why did Makima kill power?

Power's boobs
Denji looks at Power’s breasts and approves, via Crunchyroll
  • Makima’s ultimate penance is controlling of the Chainsaw Devil and doing it in the most harrowing way possible. She ensured that Denji had a play in Aki Hayakawa’s death and that he felt guilty about it. It worked as Denji revealed to Makima that he wishes to be her dog.
  • So to narrow it even down to you further, Makima killed Power simply because she can and because it will affect Denji. This entire thing will make him more incapable, devoid of familial connections, and make him dependent on Makima more – emulating her grip and control over him. And thus reflecting her nature as the Control Devil.

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