My Hero Academia Season 6: Why Dabi’s flames are hotter – explained

There is nothing that anime fans get rolling faster than Dabi vs Shoto Todoroki, much of which has been brewing underneath the epic Paranormal Front War arc. But with My Hero Academia Season 6 almost concluding the war, we have leaks for future episodes that reveal Dabi Quirk Name – and it’s not what we thought.

Shoto Todoroki has much to deal with after the Paranormal Liberation War

The Paranormal Liberation War arc has followed the League of Villains’ greatest full-frontal war against the Hero association. In what occurs to be the greatest prison break ever attempted within the world of Boku no Hero Academia.

Although the League of Villains is in full preparation for their next step, it is high time for Shoto Todoroki to also step up.

This feels evident from the fact that he shall now deal, with an even greater personal problem than just the league alone. What he is heading towards, is a possible family reunion with Toya Todoroki. One that is bound to be full of violence, angst, and flames.

Dabi’s Quirk Name is actually –

Dabi's Quirk in My Hero Academia Season 6
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Amidst all these things unfolding, we have something fun to observe. Apparently, the anime community had unitedly come together prior to this, to call Dabi’s quirk as cremation.

But in now what seems to be the anime genesis revelation, fans will realize that his quirk name is actually Blueflamea translation of soen.

Understanding the strength behind Dabi’s high-level flames

Blue Flames explanation
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  • Dabi’s quirk gives him the power to exact high-temperature flames. There’s a certain mystic aura to Dabi’s blue flame, and it has a scientific connotation. Anyone with common science understanding could tell you that Blue flames are the hottest, followed by white.
  • After that, yellow, orange, and red are the common colors. If you have noticed, Endeavor’s flames are for the most part, yellow. Shoto’s are still a mix of orange and red. But the one wielding the hottest flames is Dabi. He can roast you like a burnt turkey.

The irony of Dabi’s inheritance – the freeze resistance he got from his mother

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  1. Dabi’s quirk possesses greater firepower than Endeavor’s Hellflame. Lining up behind his insane fire potency is his capacity to enhance the flame even more depending upon what he feels. So the stronger the emotion Dabi is bathing in, the stronger his flames will be.
  2. Yet, in what seems to be an ironic twist, Dabi’s own body can hardly tolerate the level of his flames. And this is a direct genetic inheritance from his mother, which is the gift of resisting lower temperature, or ice in simple.

One of Dabi’s primary problems throughout the series has been his inability to sustain his blue flames for a long.


The latest episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 sees Shoto realizing that his father’s quirk is not enough to take care of Dabi. As such it calls for Shoto to rise up beyond his normal incentives. Although the hero faction won the war, it was not without its consequences.

With a delicate state for the heroes right now, Deku is on his path to a vengeful dark path. How he steers through this, can either be answered through the coming episodes, or one can additionally look after the Manga.

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