History’s most ambitious crossover is not Avengers Assemble or the Dawn of Justice in Justice League. It has to be Doraemon crossover deciding to infuse a plotline that pays massive respect to Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan and Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family. The latest information on Doraemon’s official website revealed that the next episode will feature an Anime Box and Jaiko’s forlorn ambitions of a family drama.

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New Episode of Doraemon crossover with Spy x Family and Attack on Titan

New Doraemon Episode Attack on Titan and Spy x Family crossover
Giant man resembles Attack On Titan’s Titans in the Anime preview of the next Doraemon Episode

The new episode is due for the premiere on November 12 at 5:00 PM JST. It will premiere on TV Asahi and will feature two short stories namely Shinseki no Kyojin and Suppai x Family. This is an obvious rip-off to the popular Shingeki no Kyojin and a funny yet realistic Japanese pronunciation of Spy. Although lift the su (from suppai) and add one o and you have oppai 😉

What the official site tells us about the New Episode of Doraemon featuring crossover

Doraemon Episode Crossover
Gian and Sunio uses the anime box

Poor jokes aside, the Episode’s official descriptions state that it will feature a typical day with Nobita reading a manga with Shizuka. Giyan and Sunio appear with the latter’s obvious goal of flexing his new DVD copy of the very manga that both Nobita and Shizuka were reading.

Doraemon’s Anime Box

Anime Box  Attack on Titan

  • Of course, a desperate Nobita runs off to his Doraemon in hopes of getting something similar. It is his noblesse oblige to run into Doraemon whenever he sees whatever he lacks from the external world. Doraemon being the gifter he is, puts out an anime box.
  • The concept of an anime box isn’t anything dimensionally interstellar or scientifically absurd. It’s quite simple when you think about it – put a manga into the anime box and that will animate it. Whoosh, only if animators had this box.
  • Who would even bother paying for all the artists anymore? Other than being the animating studios’ worst nightmare, this Anime Box is quite good for the average piracy enjoyed.

Nobita shares the Anime Box with Shizuka

Doraemon Crossover
via the Anime Preivew Video

Nobita gets strangled in translating all the mangas on his bookshelf into a full-fledged anime and enjoying himself to the contentment of the same. Of course, the crux of enjoying the latest gadget gifted by Doraemon is to share it with his friends.

  • Nobita runs to Shizuka who has been reading a very profoundly deep manga.
    • As Nobita tells Shizuka about this new gadget, both of them are quite excited to animate the manga into an anime through the Anime Box.
    • Both Shizuka and Nobita end up watching a lot of anime.

My guess for when the New Episode of Doraemon will feature Attack on Titan and Spy x Family 

Jaiko goes to time travel
Jaiko goes to time travel
  • It is my guess that at one point one of these Anime will include Attack on Titan. This will probably be when Nobita was watching it alone at his home. Given that Attack on Titan is a Shonen series, it is meant for Shonen (Boys).
  • Shizuka is more or less reading Suppy x Family, take my high horses on that one.

The second half of the episode will explore Jaiko’s attempts at an aspiring Mangaka job 

Doraemon Spy x Family
Jaiko is comforted by a worried GiaN

The episode will also feature an enigmatic story of Jaiko, who is working as a Manga ready to get her Doujinshi published.

  • Usually, in Japan, authors and illustrators make their own one-shot mangas before they present them to producers and publishers.
    • If approved and appreciated, the manga goes on to be published corporately. Jaiko, Gian’s younger sister, probably got the chance to prove herself.
  • But she is faced with a writer’s (or in this case, Mangaka’s) block. Jaiko is unable to write whatever she has promised her producers and must finish her one-shot Doujinshi before the deadline.
    • Doujinshi in Japan are self-published/printed works. One-Shots are usually self-published before they are shown to producers.

The second half of the episode will also feature time travel back to the time of medieval Europe and Egypt. But that’s a story that the episode should tell, not our synopsis of it. 

Where to watch the New Doraemon Episode?

  1. Doraemon premieres on Disney+Hotstar services in Asian nations, mainly India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.
    • But they don’t follow an upright premiere tightly following the Japanese one. The episode updates are inconsistent, hence it isn’t guaranteed that this platform will update the new episode with its release.
  2. The New Episode of Doraemonshould be available on Amazon Prime in certain countries and also on Netflix.

Doraemon’s primary streaming globally is done through these platforms, albeit it isn’t strongly updated. Distributors do not give the same importance to Doraemon as they do to, let’s say, Chainsaw Man, or Spy x Family, or even Attack on Titan. This is obviously due to the fact that Doraemon is a kids’ anime, and is mostly watched on Television only.

When to Watch the New Episode of Doraemon Crossover 

The timings of the airing of the Doraemon episode will translate to international timing in this regard – [ courtesy of Sportskeeda Anime, thanks guys 😉 ]

  • Pacific Standard Time: 12 am, Saturday, November 12
  • Central Standard Time: 2 am, Saturday, November 12
  • Eastern Standard Time: 3 am, Saturday, November 12
  • British Standard Time Time: 9 am, Saturday, November 12
  • Central European Time: 10 am, Saturday, November 12
  • Indian Standard Time: 1.30 pm, Saturday, November 12
  • Philippine Standard Time: 4 pm, Saturday, November 12
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 7 pm, Saturday, November 12

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