Shueisha’s greatest convention yet has to be Jump Festa 2022 where it finds a platform, as well as an audience to build not only their ongoing projects but also tease future works. It’s been over a year since Dragonball Super announced their place at a panel in the Jump Festa 2022. But with recent developments involving Akira Toriyama, Dragonball Super Anime’s return might be revealed in Jump Festa 2022. It also follows the announcement of Dragonball Super Manga continuation from December.

What will the Dragonball Super Panel at Jump Festa 2022 reveal?

Jump Festa 2022 Schedule for Dragonball Super
Courtesy of @AnimeTV in Twitter

For the uninitiated, Dragonball Super is all scheduled to have the stage in their panel on December 18th from 4:20 PM to 5:00 PM JST. Even now details of what will be displayed by one of the most largely appreciated anime franchise ever are on hold. But before the possibility of the new Dragonball Super Anime return is held by us, we must attest to a fact.

Previous Jump Festa conventions didn’t see much of Dragonball Super

  1. That simply being that the previous Jump Festa conventions have not shown much in accordance to Dragonball Super. This has mainly to do with the fact that Dragonball Super Anime Season 1 ended way back in 2018 and the Manga didn’t have much to reveal. But as per the recent V-Jump magazine reveal with Dragonball Super’s new key visuals, the manga continuation is all set for December 20, 2022.

Akira Toriyama is allegedly involved in this new Dragonball Super Anime Season 2

Dragonball Super Anime Return jump festa 2022
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

Now to point few things steer-clear, we do not know if this new anime project is a film or a series. The leaks come primarily from Twitter reporter and reliable leaker named @DBSChronicles and @DBShype.

  1. From recent leaks, we can also bring out the possibility of Akira Toriyama being involved in the new rumored Anime project.
  2. The former recently leaked that Naohiro Shintani has been actively involved with the production of a new anime project. Shintani has been the acclaimed character designer who designed the Dragonball Super: Broly’s animation.
    • The film has been revered worldwide for its jaw-dropping and glistening art. Crisp colors and finesse 2D animation is seriously loved and preferred over 3D CGI.
    • A similar animation style is observed in Toei Animation’s other anime, One Piece the giant.

Is this new Dragonball Super Anime a Series or a film?

Dragonball Super Super Hero
Goku in Dragonball Super Super Hero , via IMDB
  1. According to many leakers and reports floating in the internet, the new Dragonball Super Anime is going to be a web anime. Along with Shintani, the same leaker also held that Chikasi Kubota is also involved in this new anime production.
  2. Kubota was the animation director of Dragonball Super: Super Hero film. Now, to add to the holy trinity, we have Akira Toriyama reportedly joining these other two for whatever is brewing within the shadows.

We already covered that there’s something going on with the Naruto franchise. A timer countdown is set for their panel appearance at Jump Festa 2022. There’s high chances that a New Naruto anime or Boruto movie will be announced in the Naruto franchise’s panel time. What if there’s similar possibility for Dragonball Super Anime return too?

New Anime will probably be Dragonball Super Season 2 and not a film

Dragon Ball Super Broly JUMP FESTA 2022
Poster of DBS Broly, image courtesy of IMDB
  1. It is very likely this new anime project is not a film. Although it can be, but it feels logical for the franchise to take a short break. This is given from the fact that Dragonball Super Hero recently became one of the highest grossing Japanese films ever.
  2. With the source material going strong, it will make sense to adapt the vast expanse of Moro’s story from the Manga. Afterwards we can have certain fillers, followed by Granolah saga. Given that the manga is also continuing, there’s great scope for the anime.

The thing is that if this alleged Dragonball Super anime is actually in production, the best way to announce it is in December’s Jump Festa festival. As I said earlier, Dragonball Super did not have much to announce in the previous Shueisha conventions.

  • But now, not only is the manga continuing after a few months of hiatus, but the possibility of another Anime is also there.
  • These two returns, of both manga and the anime, is a phenomenal scope for the panel at Jump Festa 2022.
    • As of now the Dragonball Super Manga return is de-facto confirmed.
    • The anime is only rumors and leaks. But it seems very practical for it to become a reality.

How do Akira Toriyama joining the Anime production change anything?

But as it stands, the Anime is quite distinct from the Manga. Unlike the Manga, Akira Toriyama – the original creator of the Dragonball Universe has not been actively engaged in the Anime.

  • This has left multiple holes and bumps for the Anime. Fans’ bet that if Akira returns, we may possibly have a Dragonball Z mature vibe return to the series.
  • Whether the new Dragonball Super Anime Return will continue the unpolished 2D look from previous Season 1 is another to wonder.
  • Because the holy trinity of Dragonball Super is basically divided in crisp 2D animation like that of One Piece and CGI 3D perfection.

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SOURCES : @DBSChronicles 
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