It’s no new news that Dragonball Super manga went on a hiatus in August with its ground-breaking reveal of the new Black Frieza. The latest arc that the Manga developed was Granolah saga. As of now, the anime had ended after the universal tournament saga. Afterward, we have only seen the canon story of the legendary Super Saiyan Broly be animated in a feature film, and the latest film Dragonball Super: Super Hero.

Why Dragonball Super manga has been on hiatus

Dragonball Super Super Hero
V-jump magazine cover featuring new Gohan transformation from Dragonball Super: Super Hero, image grabbed from

But in the latest announcement by V-Jump magazine, Dragonball Super manga return on December 20 of this year. Dragonball Super manga has been illustrated by the author Toyotaro with due supervision by original creator Akira Toriyama.

Toriyama decided to take a hiatus to organize his ideas and properly sketch the future of Dragonball Super before being pinned by a setting deadline from publishers. In what seemed to be the first in seven years, Dragonball stopped publishing. 

Dragonball Super Super Hero arc to feature Goten and Trunks over Goku and Vegeta

Goku in Super Hero
Goku in the film Super Hero, via IMDB

A new arc is planned for Dragonball Super manga. This time it seems the arc will be based on the Earthlings when Goku and Vegeta were involved with Granolah off-world.

  1. Naturally, now that the two main protagonists of our story have been involved in cruises off-world, they must naturally leave some protection behind. It seems the story will officially outsource Earth’s responsibility to its new superheroes.
    1. It is notable that the superhero trope in Dragonball is hardly anything innovative. Any hardcore Dragonball Z fan will remember how Gohan did something similar before Buu Saga.
    2. A grown-up Gohan took over as the Great Saiyanman who helped, rescued, and saved the Earth’s population. Gohan did this to honor his dead father who then had died protecting Earth from Cell.

  1. This time it isn’t that Earth’s strongest two are dead. They are off-world, busy preparing for a bigger threat than Gas. Black Frieza is currently capable of taking both Ultra Ego Vegeta and Ultra Instinct Goku on.
    1. Rumors and the latest leaks (although not completely reliable) also hint that both of them may be involving Broly in a bid to stop the force that is Frieza.

Dragonball Super Manga return confirmed with Goten and Trunks key visual

Dragonball Super Manga Returns
Goten and Trunks in new attire for the manga continuation, image courtesy of

The V-Jump magazine released a key visual that features Goten and Trunks in their superhero suits. Leaning against each other’s back, the two have a mischievous current in their smiles.

  • It is also notable that the Goten and Trunks duo have always been famous, notably because they fuse to become Gotenks. Now with Broly canonically a part of Dragonball Super, it leaves wider possibilities for a Gotenks and Broly dynamic.
  • We had previously seen them fight each other in the Dragonball Z film Return of Broly. Goten and Trunks also took Broly on in Bio-Broly the Dragonball Z film. 
Gohan in Dragonball Super: Super Hero
Gohan in Dragonball Super: Super Hero via IGN India, courtesy of Toei Animation

As per the reports of DbsHype, we can expect Piccolo and Gohan to appear as well. Notably, the manga arc Super Hero is rumored to be a prequel to the franchise’s latest film named Super Hero. Now how the film will connect with the manga arc is something to behold.

Currently, the Dragonball Super timeline is quite interesting. After a series of canon anime feature films, the Dragonball Super series adapted all of those films. Battle of Gods and Return of F both have been made into episodes.

Dragonball Super Manga
Vegeta fights Granolah, image courtesy of
  • As it stands Dragonball Super happened after the Universal Tournament. So if Dragonball Super Anime returns it must incorporate the Broly saga.
  • It will then also have to tackle Moro and Granola saga. But in its recent CGI-made film, Dragonball Super completely thwarted all needs for the anime.
  • It directly wrote a film that is to serve as the sequel to the Manga itself. The Granola arc hadn’t even finished by the time the film was being produced.

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