Dragonball Super had a terrific run when it did. Concluding with about 131 episodes that ended with the epic tale of the Universal Survival Saga. Now, almost 4 years later we see Dragonball Super Season 2 becoming reality. But what story will the anime tell?

How Dragonball Super betrayed GT fans

Firstly, Dragonball’s Super Anime adaptation is actually based on the Manga of the same name. And while it is written by Akira Toriyama, the one who made the illustrations is Toyotarou.

Dragonball Super was quite a different turn from where Dragonball Z left off. Many fans complained about how the seriousness of the show was toned down. Some also felt nostalgic for Dragonball GT, which was an anime original and non-canon.

What Dragonball Super introduced to the story

Gohan in Dragonball Super: Super Hero
Gohan in Dragonball Super: Super Hero via IGN India, courtesy of Toei Animation
  • Although everyone knew that GT was not canon, the last shred of nostalgic love that they held for its possibility of being canon was shrouded after Dragonball Super arrived.
  • While GT took Goku, Pan, and Trunks into intergalactic adventures, Dragonball Super introduced an all-new level-up system.

Building up on that, Super Saiyan God has been the major theme of the series so far. With the introduction of characters like Beerus, Whis, and Xeno Sama. The ending of Dragonball Super transpired as an all-out universal tournament.

How Akira Toriyama replays old elements, and how it will matter Dragonball Super Season 2

Dragonball Super Anime Return
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

If you have noticed one thing, it must be that Dragonball Super has replayed old elements. It seems Akira Toriyama has run out of creative content. Far too many story arcs of Dragonball Super are similar to Dragonball Z.

Black Goku arc is purely based on the Cell saga, even to the point where Trunks has to come back to this timeline for help (Again). Universal Tournament is just a bigger scale the Earth’s Martial Arts Tournament.

What will Dragonball Super Season 2 be about?

Dragonball Super Season 2 coming?
Granolah Saga Manga, image courtesy of Viz Media

Well, why we mention this is exactly because of what the Dragonball Super Season 2 will entail. It will tell the story of a certain prisoner. Named Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, it tells the story of prisoner Moro who is a wizard. Moro goes rampant when his seal is broken.

The entire saga is based a few years earlier on the events of Broly Saga, which was featured in Dragonball Super: Broly film – and thus marked the first-ever canon film of Dragonball.

How Many episodes will the second season be?

Following the story of Moro, the wizard is Granolah the Survivor Arc. Note that both Moro’s and Granolah’s arcs are part of the same saga. If things go well, Dragonball Super Anime should catch up to the current manga by 50-60 episodes.

When will it release?

As of when Dragonball Super Season 2 will release, there seems to be no direct consensus. It is however brooding strong in the Anime community that the anime is nearing its release. Call it the fan’s intuition (collective intuition at that) or something. But we will keep you posted, only if you promise to regularly check out our Anime section.

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