Exploring the monsters of Shinsenkyo in Hell’s Paradise (anime+manga)

As the story is progressing in Hell’s Paradise, a lot of new things are getting unveiled along the way. One of the has to be the monsters of the infamous island of the entire anime and manga series, Shinsenkyo. It seems like the convicts already had an encounter with the monsters and it wasn’t anything great.

The monsters are actually known as the Doshi in the universe of Hell’s Paradise, they have been there serving the Lord Tensen as an army for stopping people from invading their island. They have mastered the methods of immortality under the training and guidance of higher ranking Tensens. They had human like bodies with heads of insects, plants or other abnormal things that will make them look intimidating.

Hell’s Paradise: Everything you need to know about the Doshi of Shinsenkyo including Butterfly Doshi and Centipede Doshi

1. Butterfly Doshi

Butterfly Doshi in Helll's Paradise (Image via Mappa)
Butterfly Doshi in Helll’s Paradise (Image via Mappa)

The Butterfly Doshi was a subordinate of Lord Tensen who was tasked with observing humans that arrived on Shinsenkyo. This butterfly-like creature wore ceremonial Chinese clothing with a beaded necklace and a crown featuring the Yin-Yang symbol. The Doshi was cooperative and followed orders from Lord Tensen, and was considered a powerful being as a disciple of Lord Tensen. Along with another Doshi as a partner, they were able to put up a formidable fight against Gabimaru and Gantetsusai.

The Butterfly Doshi possessed excellent combat skills, using Tao to release invisible projectiles for long-range attacks. They could also call upon Paradise Butterflies to fight alongside them, and could gather them to form butterfly-shaped wings for flight. The Doshi had techniques such as Taote, which allowed them to launch Tao projectiles from a distance, causing significant internal damage to their targets. They also had Gikishikai, where they could gather Paradise Butterflies to form wings for flight.

2. Centipede Doshi
Centipede Doshi in Hell's Paradise (Image Via Mappa)
Centipede Doshi in Hell’s Paradise (Image Via Mappa)

The Centipede Doshi was a subordinate of Lord Tensen who was also tasked with observing humans who treid to invade Shinsenkyo. His appearance had a centipede-like top part of his head, while the rest of his body was human with traces of an exoskeleton on his arms. The Centipede Doshi was serious and dedicated to completing his training in Tao, he viewed humans as resources for creating Tan, but recognized strong individuals and answered their questions.

As a disciple of Lord Tensen, the Centipede Doshi was a powerful being with authority over the Soshin, Monshin, and Paradise Centipedes. He displayed formidable combat skills, using his agility and Tao which helped sending out invisible projectiles to attack from a distance. He could call upon the Paradise Centipedes to fight alongside him by controlling their Tao, and even form a monstrous transformation by having them to wrap around his body.

In this transformed state, he could use the centipedes’ Tao to harden their bodies and unleash powerful Tao projectiles from their mouths. He had techniques such as Gikishikai, where he formed the monstrous transformation, and Senjutsu: Stabbing Tin, where he used the Paradise Centipedes’ Tao to launch multiple invisible Tao blasts from their mouths to overwhelm his opponents.

3. Tentacle Doshi

Tentacle Doshi in Hell's Paradise (Image Via Mappa)
Tentacle Doshi in Hell’s Paradise (Image Via Hell’s Paradise Manga)

The Tentacle Doshi, a powerful and high-ranking disciple of Lord Tensen, was ordered to check on Aza Chobei and Toma in the pit as they were becoming Tan. Despite his authority over the Soshin, he is generally polite and non-violent, preferring peaceful solutions but willing to fight when necessary. However, he takes pride in his status and looks down on those he considers of low class. He has a speech disorder characterized by stuttering at the beginning of his sentences.

In terms of abilities, the Tentacle Doshi is a formidable fighter, able to match Chobei in speed and strength. He has mastery over Tao, being able to cloak his body in it to augment his physical strength and launch powerful attacks. He can also regenerate any damage he may take, similar to Lord Tensen, but his weakness lies in his tanden. If his tanden is struck or destroyed by a strong Tao user, he will suffer significant damage and be unable to heal himself. He had previously easily defeated Chobei even before he awakened his Tao, by ripping out his throat, showcasing his strength and skill in combat.

4. Lettuce Doshi

Lettuce Doshi in Hell's Paradise (Image Via Mappa)
Lettuce Doshi in Hell’s Paradise (Image Via Hell’s Paradise Manga)

The Lettuce Doshi an additional cover party to stop people who landed on Shinsenkyo. The top part of his head resembles lettuce leaves, while the rest of his body is human. Despite his injuries, the Lettuce Doshi remains loyal to Lord Tensen and follows orders without showing any intentions of defiance or revealing important information. He is also ambitious, hoping to achieve the rank of Chisen by presenting Shugen’s head to Lord Tensen as a gift.

As a disciple of Lord Tensen, the Lettuce Doshi is a powerful being with extensive training in the ways of Tao. He is well-versed in wielding Tao and demonstrated this in his confrontation with Shugen. Like other monsters on the island, the Lettuce Doshi is capable of regenerating from damage he may sustain, showcasing his resilience and durability.

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