If you have seen Bleach Thousand Year Blood War episode 1, you are more or less equally baffled by its execution. You are also probably intrigued as to how other people received the episode. To add to the glory, it recently surged the MyAnimeList ranking into the number 1 highest-rated Anime. We concluded that it’s probably a matter of hype train. But it nonetheless gives you a sight of just how much the fandom is revering the show’s return. Has Studio Pierrot done a good job of meeting up to the expectations of the community?  Do not fret, for we got you covered.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 1
Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 1, courtesy of @The25thNigga In Twitter

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War premiered this Monday, and fans have not been able to stop crying about it ever since. Ever since Bleach’s esteemed return, fans have held Studio Pierrot against their throat. While some fans were almost warning the studio to be careful animating their favorite anime. Well no wonder, given that Bleach was the 2000-10 decade’s most sought-out anime.

How fans are receiving the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War premiere

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War first episode
Bleach’s Final Anime Season’s first episode (courtesy of the youtube channel Plot Armor)

Many took it to Twitter to share with the world how they felt about the premiere. And not surprisingly, Bleach Thousand Year Blood War has lived up to its hype. Studio Pierrot seems to have done a tremendous job. Yet in Disney+’s seemingly blatant debacle, they had mistakenly released Bleach’s first episode only to remove it within a few seconds.

Ever since the fans have had their share of examining, cross-checking, and surgically dissecting Bleach’s Thousand Year Blood War.

An episode that set up the Quincy

The episode truly sets up the stage for Quincy, beginning with Yhawch’s narration of Quincy. The priest-like monk who can hunt hollows just like Soul Reapers are special, not only because they are humans but because they are capable of nullifying Soul Reapers’ Bankai activation.

The plot pacing remains wittily engaging

It is worth noting that the premiere does not try to set up the plot in a haphazard manner. Instead, the first episode stays as calm and placid as it possibly can. This is probably done in an effort to reintroduce the world of Bleach to all those returning.

  • They probably are hoping to make this a little less complicated for anyone non-initiated into the Bleach franchise. All in all, this isn’t a sinister move – far from it. Given the show’s return a decade after it ambiguously ended in 2012, it’s only natural to take it slow.

  • It is essential to warm the audience up instead of bombarding too many Manga chapters in one go. Besides, only a handful of Anime adaptations have gotten away with adapting too many chapters in one flush. Attack on Titan is one such example, especially made proficient by the works of Wit Studio. 

Reintroduction of the Bleach World

  • The episode has not refrained from outlining Ichigo’s cocky attitude – that seems to be the perfect mixture of knowing his own strength without underestimating his opponent.
  • As he kicks a Quincy that was about to emerge on an epic journey of villainous story-telling, Ichigo seems as perfect as he did ten years ago.

  • Although the story does not move too quickly, it keeps the pace just in the right spur as Ichigo unleashes his Bankai against an invading hollow. Of course, a first good episode calls for a good protagonist action and glow-up.

Although Naruto Shippuden in contrast took its sweet time getting to the point where Naruto and Sakura retook Kakashi’s test as grown-up Shinobis. From Naruto Shippuden to Bleach, Pierrot has remained the twenty-first century’s first aid to the fans. It has done so by adapting two of the Big 3 Shonen series that has defined the genre ever since their conception.

The journey of Bleach has not been easy. For fans who were scared that it would never take on full throttle ever again. Bleach remained as the anime community’s one of most awaited Shonen series returns, just alongside Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter. Luckily Hunter x Hunter is also all set for its return, with chapters 380-390 being released in a volume bundle.

The Twitter account dedicated to Bleach TYBW Countdown took to its glory while finally releasing the number of days fans awaited the Anime’s return. As such it does prove to say just how much Bleach has impacted multiple people growing up.

Bleach appeased the Western audience

Especially the western audience. After Naruto and Dragon Ball Z, Bleach was completely owned by the Western world. The voice acting completely made the anime seem like it was made in the west itself, a feat only few dub shows have ever accomplished. The last I remember, Yu Yu Hakusho pulled similarly extravagant dubbing milestones.


Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Episode 1 is about one of the best works ever done by Studio Pierrot. This was made evenly prominent with their release of Naruto’s Reanimated 20th anniversary tribute promo. The studio is no longer willing to take the risk of drawing potato Pain Nagato faces like it did in Naruto. But the thing with long-running projects such as the Naruto franchise is that animating studios usually have very less time to do the job they need to do.

Yhawch as seen in the first episode of Bleach Thousand Year Blood Wars Episode 1 Premiere
Yhawch as seen in the first episode, courtesy of @bleach_fan20

Meanwhile, seasonally broadcasted Anime shows usually give the Studios more time and opportunity. Still from how TOEI has been animating One Piece despite the show being history’s one of the longest-running anime series ever, this long-running nature of shows seems to become nullified as an excuse. Nonetheless, we hope Pierrot all the best in animating Episode 2 of Bleach, which will premiere on 17th October.

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