The brewing in the air is that of a certain charismatic collaboration. Lovers of the Dragonball and Naruto x Fortnite collabs seem to now demand the rush of the hour – a Fortnite x Attack On Titan Rumors for a 2023 crossover. But, is it coming true?

Fortnite’s history with Anime crossovers previously

The previous year witnessed Epic Games doing crossovers with Naruto, back to back two times. Followed by a Dragonball Super crossover. The Dragonball Super: Super Hero film release allowed for a cross-promotional gimmick, that worked out tremendously well for both parties.

Why do fans feel hopeful for such Fortnite x Attack on Titan rumor?

The recent rumors hint at a possible Attack on Titan and Fortnite collaboration. And this comes directly from the evidence of Attack on Titan Final Season Chapter 3 premiering on March 3 and Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 dropping the next day. Such a unique conjunction of the dates gives the fans plenty of hope for a brewing possibility.

Although if Fortnite x Attack on Titan is actually happening, they should be doing the announcements soon. With only a month to go for the epic premieres of both these giants.

But as it stands, fans have awaited a crossover with the world-renowned Attack on Titan, or Shingeki no Kyojin. But what could such a crossover look like? Before we dive into the credibility of these rumors.

What kind of a crossover would this be?

Attack on Titan x Fortnite
Image courtesy of feerals

There are plenty of ways for these crossovers to be implemented. While we have seen Epic Games previously including cosmetics, character skins, and locations in the game, we should also be hopeful of new game mechanics being introduced.

Swinging mechanics in-game?

  • The story of Attack on Titan utilizes humanity using a gear called omnidirectional mechanical gear. This allows the humans to hook and fly in any direction.
  • Now such a swinging motion (similar to Spiderman’s Swinging motions) shouldn’t be that difficult to implement in Fortnite. Given similar jumping, and swinging mechanics already have been implemented in the game before.

Character Skins

Mikasa in Fortnite X Attack on Titan
Courtesy of Youtube
  • Character skins would be a huge bonus for lovers of Anime. Erwin Smith going full throttle, alongside Levi Ackerman would be a sight to see. Although the primary question would be for the characters that appear in both earlier seasons and Season 4 of Attack on Titan, which character suit would take priority?
  • Because as it stands, we have (for one example) Marley’s handicapped Eren, a Tatakae naked holocaust Eren, and a Cadet Corps member Eren.

Running away from giant Titans?

Fortnite Towering Caretakers
Image courtesy of Epic Games

With the character skins possibility discussed, we must amass the question of Titans being incorporated into the game. What if a certain mode/event allows players to unitedly run from giant humanoid titans? We have seen something of this kind be incorporated in fortnitemare Halloween editions. These were the towering caretakers.

Although with all these possibilities, we still do not have enough confirmation on these being true. As of now, all these ideas are only a longing fan’s forlorn hope.

We do see amazing 3D model-rendered teasers made by fans who look forward to Fortnite x Attack on Titan collaborations. But as of now, that is about it. Renowned leakers like HYPEX and iFireMonkey have not been hinting at this kind of collaboration. All the rumors are only fan made videos or posters. Without any official confirmation, we can but only long.

SOURCES: Techballaad

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