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The voyage of the Anime named Monster has left an impressive mark on the Anime fandom. Naoki Urasawa’s genius in the portrayal of the finest medic against the finest psychopath is a sought-ought psychological thriller. Delivering again is this new adaptation. Pluto Anime is all greenlit, and here’s what it is about. Also, is there going to be Astro Boy in Pluto Anime?

In the world of fiction, it is hardly ever witnessed that one artist dives into another’s fictional world. And not only he dives into it but fully mines blue gems out of the other artist’s oceanic depths.

What is the Pluto Manga series?

The popular manga series Pluto, based on Astro Boy, is getting its anime adaptation by Netflix, set to debut in 2023. The streaming giant has also dropped a stunning four-minute trailer featuring the voices of Shinshu Fuji, Yoko Hikasa, and Minori Suzuki, playing Gesicht, Atom, and Uran, respectively.

Renowned author Naoki Urasawa, famous for his gripping thrillers like Monster and 20th Century Boys, has done it again with Pluto, a science fiction masterpiece that pays homage to Osamu Tezuka’s Tetsuwan Atom.

Astro Boy in Pluto Anime
Glimpses from the official netflix trailer for Pluto Anime

With breathtaking animation and an intriguing soundtrack, the trailer has already made waves on Twitter, generating more than 4,000 retweets. One such Tweet exclaimed, -“Visually, this looks absolutely incredible! It’s peak anime from a production standpoint. I might have to keep my Netflix account for this one!”

What will be the premise of Pluto Anime?

Pluto Anime
The visual scenery seems stunning in the new Netflix Anime for Pluto
  • The story follows AI robots and delves into the fascinating concept of sentient life created by humans, without the need for a dumbed-down explanation of Asimov’s Law of Robotics.
  • If you’re a sci-fi enthusiast, you’ll immediately dive into the narrative, while newcomers may struggle in unknown waters because Urasawa doesn’t hold your hand – he tells a bold story that uses Tetsuwan Atom’s World’s Strongest Robot story arc as a jumping-off point.

How is Astro Boy connected to Pluto?

Urasawa takes a supporting character from the original manga and makes them the protagonist, with Astro Boy himself making a memorable cameo appearance.

The idea of one artist exploring another’s universe is intriguing, and Tezuka’s imaginative world combined with Urasawa’s tension-filled storytelling makes for an exhilarating read. As the characters face crisis after crisis, pushing them to their limits, the series becomes an even more addictive page-turner.

A glimpse of what to expect from Pluto Anime

Glimpses from the official netflix trailer for Pluto Anime

Pluto is a thrilling mystery/crime manga that features captivating cliffhangers in every chapter.

  • We follow Gesicht, the robotic Europol detective, as he meticulously examines crime scenes, interrogates witnesses, and uncovers clues.
  • The series is not without its emotional moments, such as the heart-wrenching scene of a robot widow in a kitchen apron being informed of her husband’s murder.
  • Despite the comical appearance of the scene, the poignant dialogue and masterful composition leave a lasting impression.
Glimpses from the official netflix trailer for Pluto Anime

It’s essential to remember that these robots possess intelligence and emotions that are on par with their human creators. Throughout the manga, we witness their struggle to achieve the same level of consciousness as humans, which often leads to tragic ends. As they face death, they demonstrate humanity in ways that are both perplexing and moving.

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