Hell’s Paradise: All 10 convicts chosen to go to Shinsenkyo

Hell's Paradise (Image Via MAPPA Studio)

As the Hell’s Paradise manga written by Yuji Kaku gained popularity, MAPPA grabbed the opportunity to capitalize on the whole thing and make an anime adaptation out of it. It was announced back in 2021 and it finally made its debut on April 1, 2023. The first episode has caused a lot of discussions that are running around the internet like wildfire. The anime’s craze is taking it to the point where it might become one of the most liked from Spring 2023.

As the second episode of Hell’s Paradise titled Screening and Choosing premiered on April 8, it unleashed a lot of new things in the plot that fans were eager to know. One of those was the identity of the criminals who were to be escorted to the island of Shinsenkyo. Viewers were drawn into a state of anticipation when the violent fight was going on, which would result in just 10 convicts who would be fortunate enough to be sent to Shinsenkyo.

From Gabiramu to Yuzuriha: 10 convicts who made it to Shinsenkyo in Hell’s Paradise Episode 2

1) Gabimaru – The Hollow 

Gabiramu The Hollow in Hell's Paradise (Image via Mappa Studio)
Gabimaru The Hollow in Hell’s Paradise (Image via Mappa Studio)

Gabimaru the Hollow, being the main protagonist of the series, has to be first on the list of all the 10 people who were being chosen for the voyage to Shinsenkyo. He is a young man who is shorter than average and has messy white hair that usually covers the right side of his face. He has red eyes, but they are yellow in the anime adaptation.

Despite his stoic expression, he has a well-built, muscular physique that is visible under his clothing, and numerous scars that are remnants of his past life as a shinobi in Iwagakure. Gabimaru was once Iwagakure’s most notorious shinobi, but he fell out of favor with his village after expressing a desire to abandon his violent ways and live a peaceful life with his wife. As a result, he was betrayed by his village and handed over to the authorities to be executed.

2) Rokurota – The Giant of Bizen

The Giant of Bizen Rokurōta (Image via Studio Mappa)
The Giant of Bizen Rokurota (Image via Studio Mappa)

Rokurota was also one of the convicts who made it to the top 10 list and was fortunate enough to be selected for the expedition to Shinsenkyo. He was born as a large baby in a small village with his mother and father. Rokurota grew up playing with rocks and eating a lot.

At some point, he went on a killing spree and murdered everyone in his village, including his parents. As a result, he gained the nickname, The Giant of Bizen. Later, he was offered a pardon for his crimes if he could locate the Elixir of Life for the shogun.

Rokurota sufferes from gigantism, which has caused him to be much taller than the average person. Even compared to Yamada Asaemon Genji, who is already quite tall, Rokurota is twice his height. He has dark, unkempt hair, and he wears a mask that covers his entire face, with only one eye hole. Despite his size, he is incredibly muscular, and wears a worn-out, sleeveless robe.

3) Nurugai 

Nurugai in Hell's Paradise (Image via Mappa Studio)
Nurugai in Hell’s Paradise (Image via Mappa Studio)

Nurugai is the sole survivor of the Sanka tribe and is also a death-row inmate who was wrongly accused. She plays a significant supporting role in the story of Hell’s Paradise and she was also one of the 10 inmates who were chosen for the expedition to Shinsenkyo.

Nurugai’s appearance is quite androgynous, and even her fellow Asaemon were only able to determine her gender after undressing her. She has a dark tan complexion, messy long black hair, and a muscular build. Nurugai grew up in a Sanka village with her grandfather, where she learned from him and had a warm familial relationship.

4) Moro Makiya – The Apostate

The Apostate Moro Makiya (Image via MAPPA Studio )
The Apostate Moro Makiya (Image via MAPPA Studio )

Moro Makiya is one of the criminals who were chosen to be sent on a voyage to Shinsenkyo. He is called The Apostate and is a well-known criminal who was put on death row. Makiya has a reputation to be an individual who is quite ambitious, wicked, and manipulative, having brainwashed people into believing his fabricated lies to overthrow the shogun.

Makiya was eventually caught by the authorities and sentenced to death for his crimes. However, Yamada Asaemon Genji offered him a chance to be pardoned if he completed a mission on the island and he agreed to it. Makiya is known for being easily swayed by women and falls victim to Yuzuriha’s charms, which eventually lead to his demise.

5) Warped Keiun – Hunter of the Hundred 

Hunter of the Hundred Warped Keiun (Image via MAPPA Studio )
Hunter of the Hundred Warped Keiun (Image via MAPPA Studio )

Warped Keiun is one of the inmates who were shortlisted to be sent on a mission to the island of Shinsenkyo. He was once a warrior monk but became obsessed with weapons, taking his training to the extreme. The inmate stole over a hundred weapons from martial artists and killed many skilled blade masters.

Keiun is a tall and muscular man who wears a mask, a white head cowl with a scratched metal headband, and beads. He dons a frayed, sleeveless traditional monk’s robe that exposes his armor grafted onto his skin, which he refers to as his “Living Armor.” Keiun has multiple scars on his body and faces from battles. He has a bloodthirsty passion for weapons and believes that he can bring out their true potential.

 6) Horubo – Killing Buddha

Horubo - Killing Buddha (Image via MAPPA Studio ) 
Horubo – Killing Buddha (Image via MAPPA Studio)

Horubo is a well-known criminal who is put on death row with other inmates. He is one of the 10 inmates who were chosen to be sent on a mission to the island called Shinsenkyo. Horubo is an aged man who had a gaunt appearance, with hollow eyes and a bald head. He dons a worn-out, dark robe that was typical of monks.

However, his body is peculiarly built, featuring limbs that could stretch up to two meters. As a convict on death row, Horubo is known for his ruthlessness and tendency towards violence. It was revealed that he had planned to assassinate Aza Chobei while they were at sea before they reached Kotaku.

7) Tamiya Gantetsusai – Blade Dragon

Tamiya Gantetsusai (Image via MAPPA Studio)
Tamiya Gantetsusai (Image via MAPPA Studio)

Tamiya Gantetsusai is one of the supporting characters of Hell’s Paradise. He has got a pivotal role to play in the series as he is one of the 10 inmates who are chosen to be sent on a mission to the island, Shinsenkyo. Gantetsusai is a well-built man with black hair that is divided into three sections and tied into a ponytail. He has a mustache and a beard that are also divided into three sections.

He usually dresses in a yukata and hakama, which are secured with an obi. Gantetsusai enjoys fighting and finds it exciting to challenge strong opponents who can give him a thrilling experience when he unsheathes his sword. Even if he is severely hurt, he wears a satisfied expression because he loves the rush of adrenaline he gets from fighting and believes that every injury makes him stronger.

8) Aza Chobei – The Bandit King 

Aza Chobei - The Bandit King (Image Via Mappa Studio)
Aza Chobei – The Bandit King (Image Via Mappa Studio)

Aza Chobei is one of the pivotal characters of the ongoing show. A tall and muscular man, he has untidy blonde hair and a single braid on his right side. He bears noticeable facial scars on the right side of his face, including a missing eye, which he caused himself to save his brother Toma from harm in the past.

As Toma is Chobei’s only living relative, he is extremely defensive of him and rushes to his aid whenever he is in danger. Both Chobei and Toma were born as the sons of a vassal serving the Daimyo of the Ako Domain. However, they were abducted by bandits who planned to sell them but ended up living among them after Chobei became their leader.

9) Akaginu – Cannibal Courtesan 

Akaginu - Cannibal Courtesan (Image Via Mappa Studio)
Akaginu – Cannibal Courtesan (Image Via Mappa Studio)

Akaginu is another female inmate who is put on death row. She is an attractive woman with long hair held in place with hairpins. Further, she wears a loose kimono adorned with designs of skulls, snakes, and tree peonies that exposed her shoulders and collarbone, along with tall geta sandals.

Despite her beauty, Akaginu is considered to be a seductive and wicked person. She s a cannibal who preyed on men, using her allure to tempt them before killing and consuming them. Akaginu became a notorious criminal known for her killings until she was caught and sentenced to death by the authorities before she got a chance to redeem herself by going on the mission.

10) Yuzuriha

Yuzuriha (Image Via Mappa Studio)
Yuzuriha (Image Via Mappa Studio)

Yuzuriha is a young, slender woman of average height who ties her dark hair in a bun with a hairpin. She was revealed to have multiple scars all over her body, which she concealed using a layer of mucus as her skin, and she presents herself as a friendly and carefree person to others, resembling a typical teenage girl.

However, beneath her surface personality, Yuzuriha is a completely self-centered individual. She grew up in a shinobi village with her younger sister, Saya, who had an incurable disease and eventually passed away. To honor her sister’s memory, Yuzuriha decided to live her life for both of them and became a kunoichi. At some point in the past, Yuzuriha raided the Sagiwa Castle and defeated the retainers who were guarding it.

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