Hunter x Hunter Manga Returns but it may not Continue, Why?

Nothing surprises Hunter x Hunter manga fans more than news of the manga continuation. Although one may contest that the news of the author going on hiatus nerves the fans more than its continuation. It is untimely true that the last decade has seen author Yoshihiro Togashi go on hiatuses again and again.

This results from his back and spine problem, which he says happened as a result of his long life sitting habits. Of course, a Mangaka who made Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter x Hunter must truly have put the work in. But for once, after what seemed to be a stretched 4 years, one can expect the official return of Hunter x Hunter Manga. But don’t expect it to continue, just yet.

The Announcement of Hunter x Hunter Manga continuation

The announcement came in the form of Shueisha’s official, weekly Shonen Jump magazine’s Twitter account. The tweet read –

Volume 37 of Hunter x Hunter which is written by Yoshihiro Togashi will be listed for the price rate of 528 Yen (Tax Included). It will be released on Friday, November 4th. 

The legacy of Hunter x Hunter Manga 

  • Written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, previously known for the famous manga series Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter was published in Shueisha’s Japanese magazine – Weekly Shonen Jump.
  • Shueisha published the first chapter on March 2, 1998. The following chapters were released with the mangaka taking breaks every in between. The breaks ranged from one and sometimes even up to seven weeks. It was in 2006 February however that the breaks really took a toll for a lengthy period. 

As of November 2019, 392 chapters have been compiled into 37 Tankobon volumes by Shueisha. But the Manga has about 10 chapters that have not been compiled into a Tankobon.

Togashi’s recent update in his Manga Completion

  • Togashi in his footnotes made mention of his situation in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in May. He said he had finished the draft for 10 chapters, enough for a volume.
  • He continued to shed light that his work for chapter 400 was done with the help of background artists and assistant artists to whom he had instructed. We have elaborately discussed Togashi’s condition here.

He also talked to his fans that he even had problems bathing or attending nature calls. With declining health, the Mangaka conveyed his dire situation but pleaded that his work shall not stop.

Is Hunter x Hunter manga really returning? 

It seems like a positive yes, but it is only a partial yes.  Okay, here’s what’s going on – simplified.

  • The Mangaka has been suffering a lot because of serious health issues relating to his back. He once tweeted that even holding a pen is painful for him.
  • Togashi however has completed about 10 chapters for a new volume. These 10 chapters are 390-400. However, previously he had released chapters 381-392 which were never compiled into a Tankobon volume. Tankobon volume basically refers to a compilation of comic book chapters in Japan. 
Netero in Hunter x Hunter
Netero in Hunter x Hunter, via Netflix

Now Shueisha continuing the manga with Volume 37 means two things;

  1. Either we will soon have a volume 38 which should contain chapters 392-400
  2. Or that the Mangaka will fail to continue this streak.

It won’t be the first time Togashi has become completely inapt at continuing his work. We understand that fans have been very hyped but taking facts into consideration, the continuation of Manga is not guaranteed still. Volume 37 is compiled with chapters that were already released but never found themselves sold collectively.

More on the Story of Hunter x Hunter Manga

Hunter x Hunter Manga
Hunter x Hunter Anime Snippet from Hunter License Exam arc, via IMDB

The manga inspired two anime series, two anime films, and multiple video game developments.

  • The Manga follows the story of Gon Freeccs, a young boy who wants to become a Hunter. Hunters are licensed professionals tasked with finding the wonders of the world, exploration, bounty hunting, affiliate contracting, economy, marketing, trading, etc.
  • They comprise the world’s leading economic and social institutions. Amidst all these, Gon Freeccs finds loving companions and friends as he travels the world in discovering his father’s identity.


hunter x hunter manga returns but may not continue
Courtesy of

The news of Shueisha releasing volume 37 is, however, a positive indication of the possibility that volume 38 is a possibility. Ultimately ten chapters comprise a volume and although volumes in themselves don’t convey much, it is the fact that chapters are being put out that matters.

Fans really have been wishing Togashi all the best, some even considerate enough to ask him to take rests and not overwork himself. And there are those divided into caring for Togashi but being penned by the hiatuses of the Hunter x Hunter storyline.

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