Does Hunter X Hunter’s Dropped Ending hint at an anime original ending too?


The long-running manga Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus for years, leaving fans worried the series may never wrap up properly. However, creator Yoshihiro Togashi recently announced plans to reveal a “dropped ending” he created in case his health prevents him from finishing the manga.

Togashi shared that this ending focuses on Gon’s granddaughter living a peaceful life rather than following in her grandfather’s adventurous footsteps. While not the grand finale some envisioned, it provides closure if Togashi can’t complete the story himself.

This news of a ‘Plan B’ ending raises major questions – primarily, could the Hunter x Hunter anime go completely original if Togashi cannot continue the manga? The 2011 adaptation is immensely popular but has essentially caught up to the available manga chapters. With Togashi’s health in question, does this dropped ending hint that the anime will forge its own path to conclusion rather than wait indefinitely?

Will Hunter X Hunter anime have an original ending?

Togashi has revealed he has three full ending scenarios in mind beyond the ‘dropped’ conclusion. Ideally, he could finish Hunter x Hunter the way he desires despite his health issues. However, if the manga concludes with the dropped ending, there is a real chance the anime could continue with an original finale based on one of Togashi’s preferred conclusions.

  • The 2011 adaptation is tremendously popular and has the opportunity to wrap things up on its own terms. It would be creatively challenging but certainly possible for Madhouse Studios to craft an ending using the notes and outlines Togashi has already created. This would allow the anime to deliver a more climactic conclusion that better fits fan expectations.

Admittedly, the idea of creating movie adaptations to depict all three of Togashi’s endings feels a bit far-fetched. However, the prospect of the anime incorporating elements of the author’s intended finale does seem plausible if the manga closes with the dropped plotline.

Of course, the ideal scenario is for Togashi to complete Hunter x Hunter himself as envisioned. But the potential silver lining is that even if the manga concludes with the simple dropped ending, the anime may still have a chance to deliver a more satisfying resolution for fans by utilizing Togashi’s existing ending materials. It offers some hope moving forward.

Possibilities in the Hunter x Hunter Anime Adaptation

hxh dropped ending manga versus anime
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If the Hunter x Hunter anime chooses to adhere to Togashi’s ‘Dropped Ending,’ it presents a unique opportunity for the anime adaptation to further explore lingering mysteries, such as the identity of the shadowy figure hinted to be Killua.

  • Given the concept of fillers commonly employed in anime adaptations, fans can anticipate the studio extending the story beyond the dropped ending. This extension could involve delving into the backgrounds of various characters, offering insights into their futures, or even exploring alternative resolutions to the overarching plot.
  • The flexibility of animation allows for a more dynamic exploration of the Hunter x Hunter universe, providing fans with a more comprehensive and enriched viewing experience.

While Togashi’s ‘Dropped Ending’ provides a potential conclusion to the manga, the anime adaptation has the unique ability to expand upon and re-imagine elements of the story. Importantly, remember that this dropped ending was Togashi’s first idea that he ended up discarding. Still, it provides closure in a poignant way. Fans may hold back tears seeing Gon and Killua watching the next generation, even if this ending wasn’t Togashi’s preferred choice.


The revelation of Togashi’s “dropped ending” for Hunter x Hunter has sparked speculation about the anime’s fate. If Togashi’s health prevents him from completing the manga, there’s a chance the anime could craft an original ending based on the creator’s outlined scenarios.

While the ideal scenario is for Togashi to conclude his masterpiece, the anime offers a glimmer of hope for fans seeking a more satisfying resolution, potentially incorporating Togashi’s existing ending materials. The Hunter x Hunter saga, though facing uncertainties, remains poised for possible creative adaptations that could provide closure to its dedicated fanbase.

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