Introducing Solo Leveling: Ragnarok – The Next Chapter in the Epic Saga featuring Sung Jin-woo’s Son

The thunder has roared once again as the call to hear ‘Arise’ has been enamored into fans’ blood and bones. Ladies and Gentlemen, you have heard it right. The king of Shadows shall rise again with his army of darkness. The Solo Leveling sequel will see the legacy of Sung Jin-woo being continued. But this time, taking the helm will be Sung Jin-woo’s son. 

It has been confirmed that a special new series is in the works for Solo Leveling. According to reports from South Korea, the sequel will follow Sung Jin-woo’s legacy and will be titled Solo Leveling: Ragnarok.

The announcement regarding the upcoming work and other webtoons was made public through KakaoPage’s official YouTube channel, which is responsible for their online publication.

Will Sung Jin-woo return in Solo Leveling Sequel?

solo leveling ragnarok sequel
Image courtesy of Kakaopage Studios
  • The spin-off will focus on Sung Su-ho and his journey to live up to his father’s name. The new series is set to begin on April 10th, 2023, in South Korea. Fans are advised to catch up on the original series before diving into the sequel, as Solo Leveling concluded its story in December 2021.

The fandom has been excited since the announcement was made in the form of a promotional video. Kakao, which previously published the original series Solo Leveling, will act as the publishing company for the sequel as well.

As of now, it isn’t clear what kind of plot the sequel will focus on. It is possible that the Rulers will play a significant role in the spin-off, possibly inciting the dungeon’s system back.

Why the Solo Leveling Ragnarok sequel news is about the best thing for the fans

No better time probably exists for the Solo Leveling franchise. Aniplex Event having announced that the new Solo Leveling Anime will hit the screens in the coming days – the helm being taken by A-1 Pictures.

Now, we hear of a whole darn continuation altogether of the source Manhwa Bringing with it questions regarding how the lost powers of Sung Jin-woo and the conquered dungeons and their system can return back into their world.

What were the Solo Leveling Spin-Off chapters?

  • Chugong and Dubs created an exceptional story about supernatural hunters and fantasy action in Solo Leveling. However, the webtoon’s artist, Dubu (born Jang Sung-rak), passed away in July 2022 after suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Since then, Solo Leveling has released tributes to Dubu in form of spin-off chapters that were continuation of the Solo Leveling Manhwa.

What happened in the original Manhwa?

Solo Leveling Manhwa
The ancient god in Solo Leveling, Via

Sung Jin-woo used the Cup of Reincarnation at the end of the manhwa, resetting the entire chronology. However, because one must go get his girl, in the new timeline, Jin-woo took the initiative to re-introduce himself to Hae-In. This ends up leading to the development of their friendship. Eventually, they got married and had a son named Sung Su-ho.

The end of Solo Leveling sees Jin-woo defeating all the Monarchs. However, towards the end, the Rulers expressed unease about leaving Jin-woo on earth. This new webtoon will be the first expansion since the passing of the artist Dubu.

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