AFO in My Hero Academia
All For One in the My Hero Academia manga (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha)

My Hero Academia Chapter 385 confirmed that not even Gigantomachia’s strength could help the heroes restrain All For One in Gunga. Despite his apparent bravado, AFO did not waste time trying to steal Dark Shadow. Chapter 386 spoilers showed AFO rushing off towards Shigaraki’s location, causing Tsukauchi to fear that the villain would soon be close enough to his successor to use his own warp quirk.

The supervillain teleporting to the airborne battlefield would be the ultimate disaster, since it is doubtful if Deku can take on Shigaraki and AFO together while trying to save the Decay villain from his master’s clutches. This article discusses the fate of AFO’s original body and explains why the villain is desperate to reach Tomura Shigaraki, the current wielder of his quirk in My Hero Academia.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga.

The Rewind Quirk is killing All For One’s real body in My Hero Academia 

How old is All For One in My Hero Academia

While AFO’s exact age is never mentioned in My Hero Academia, it is widely believed that the supervillain is over a 100 years old. After being arrested, Kyudai Garaki confessed that he had duplicated his own quirk, Life Force, and had given the original to the supervillain as a token of his loyalty. Garaki himself had been alive for around 120 years, although his quirk made him look half his age.

The scientist stated that he met AFO almost 70 years ago, suggesting that the villain’s current body is somewhere between 100 and 200 years old. Despite being older than Garaki, All For One looks significantly younger in his original body. Having stolen numerous quirks over the years, the villain likely has some sort of augmentation ability which boosted the effects of Life Force, giving AFO the appearance of an individual in his late forties or early fifties. 

How Rewind is affecting AFO’s original body 

At its root, Eri’s quirk, Rewind, allows her to reverse any living organism’s body to its previous state of existence. The Shie Hassaikai arc of the My Hero Academia anime showed Kai Chisaki a.k.a. Overhaul, experimenting on Eri to create both a Quirk-Nullifying bullet specifically affecting the quirk-factor in a person’s genetic makeup, and reversing it to a point before quirks began appearing in the general population.

Chisaki’s group also created an antidote for the drug, but it could not be recovered after the heroes’ raid on the Shie Hassaikai hideout. Shigaraki, who had gotten his hands on the bullet following Chisaki’s arrest, gave it to Kyudai Garaki who was able to reverse-engineer the drug to get back Rewind’s original effects. During the Final War arc of the series, AFO used the drug on himself upon being cornered by the heroes in Gunga.

Garaki reverse engineer's Eri's quirk MHA 370
Garaki replicated the original properties of Eri’s quirk (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha)

All For One admitted, however, that it was a one-time use ability, which will continue to rewind his body until he eventually disappears. Garaki appears to have tweaked the quirk’s ability to prevent it from affecting the villain’s quirk factor, allowing AFO to continue using the quirks he had stolen over decades while continually growing younger and more vicious. 

At the very beginning of My Hero Academia, All Might trained Deku for months, warning him that an incomplete vessel will explode from absorbing One For All due to how much power the quirk possesses. It appears as though All For One’s control over his body, quirks and personality is becoming more and more unstable due to a similar reason, as his body regresses to a point where it can no longer contain the enormous amount of power accumulated from multiple quirks.

Tomura Shigaraki as a vessel

AFO uses Rewind in MHA 364
AFO uses Rewind to defend himself against Endeavor (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha)

All For One took a young and traumatized Tenko Shimura under his wing after realizing the destructive potential of the boy’s Decay quirk. He trained and brainwashed his protégé, even christening him Tomura Shigaraki after his own surname. The supervillain eventually gave Shigaraki his quirk, keeping a duplicate for himself and gave rise to his successor. But AFO had a much more sinister plan in mind, with his intent being to fuse his consciousness with Shigaraki and take over the latter’s body.

AFO’s body seems to have taken severe damage from his first fight against All Might, forcing the villain to survive using a life support apparatus covering his head. But with a new vessel waiting for him, the villain decided to take the gamble and risked his own body disappearing. His demeanor in the latest chapter indicated that he was confident that he could kill All Might in My Hero Academia Chapter 387 and travel to Shigaraki’s location to take his successor’s body for himself. 

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