Is current Luffy stronger than Garp in One Piece after Chapter 1081?

One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)

The global One Piece fanbase has been trying to figure out whether Luffy is stronger than some characters, and one of them happens to be Garp. People have been speculating what the outcome will be if both of them get into a battle, but what they fail to recognize is Luffy has grown way stronger and Garp has become more powerful over time. So it will be really difficult to draw a line of comparison between them.

Chapter 1081 came out on Monday, April 24, 2023, and the story has been going wild for a while now. The pirates and the navy are looking to defeat as many enemies as possible leaving only the strongest one to survive the showdown, which is yet to come. The current Luffy is quite powerful with all the abilities he has, but it might take him some more time to be stronger than his own grandfather, Garp.

One Piece Chapter 1081: Luffy might need some more time to be as powerful as Garp

Garp’s abilities

One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)
One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)

Garp’s abilities in One Piece include possessing all three types of Haki (Observation, Armament, and Conqueror’s Haki), immense physical strength, expert hand-to-hand combat skills, resistance to Devil Fruit effects, strong leadership and strategic thinking, and indomitable willpower.

He can predict opponent’s movements, harden his body, and exert his willpower over others. Garp’s punches are incredibly powerful, and he is skilled in various fighting techniques. He has extensive experience as a Marine Admiral, is known for his leadership, and sense of justice. His unwavering determination and commitment to his duty make him a formidable opponent.

A look at Luffy’s abilities

One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)
One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)

The current Luffy has emerged to have immense number of capabilities, making him much stronger than before. Standing at the point where Chapter 1081 has already been released, his abilities in One Piece include a rubber body that allows him to stretch his limbs and two types of Haki (Observation and Armament).

Along with those, he has Gear Second, which enhances his speed and strength, Gear Third, which increases his size and power, Gear Fourth or “Boundman,” which combines his rubber powers and Haki. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat skills and has an immunity to poison. And lastly, he has the incredible Gear Five, which marks the strongest power he has.

Final thoughts 

One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)
One Piece (Image Via Toei Animation)
Although the current Luffy has gained quite a lot of abilities over the time, including the advanced Haki, the Gear 5, and many more, he still cannot be as powerful as his grandfather Garp.
Garp is a high-ranking Marine Admiral who possesses various abilities and skills and is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the series. So, to be more powerful than him, Luffy needs some more time, which will eventually lead him to gaining more skills that can help him become a better version of himself.

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