Is Hange Zoe Dead or alive in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3?

Attack on Titan has divided its Final Season Part 3 into 2 parts. Aside from being a meme material spreading throughout the internet, has also divided the fans in some sense. While few seem elated at the adaptations, mainly of the revered Chapter 131 of the Manga, others seem devasted. What is the reason for this devastation? Could it be (Ahem)? Let us dive into whether Hange Zoe is dead or alive in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3. 

An ode to Hange Zoe: Who is she?

Is Hange Zoe dead or alive
Hange Zoe in the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 trailer
  • The 14th commander of the Survey Corps, Hange Zoë was appointed by Erwin Smith prior to his passing. Before becoming commander, Hange served as the Fourth Squad’s squad leader. She was responsible for inventing innovations and conducting research on Titans, including Eren Yeager.

This naturally led to Eren and Hange’s bonding when our protagonist was first introduced to Levy’s team. This is one of the few moments where Attack on Titan brilliantly portrayed polarities. From Eren looking up to Hange like a reliable parent to thrashing her beyond the cages.

Fans were initially terrified of Eren’s behavior towards Hange in Attack on Titan Final Season (Part 1). When he pulled Hange by the collar and screamed ferally into her ears. Hange, for the first time in a very long time, may just have been scared. Not only of what her former comrade had turned into but also of what catastrophe was brewing through Eren’s veins.

Is Hange Zoe no longer the Commander of the Survey Corps?

Attack on Titan Final Season Hange Zoe
Destroyed Marley due to the rumbling, in Attack on Titan, Image retrieved via Attack on Titan subreddit

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 witnessed Hange Zoe handing over her position to a shocked Armin Arlert. This was prior to the newly assembled team comprising of Eldians and Marleyians together trying to stop Eren Jaeger’s prophesized rumbling.

  • The primary obstacle or juxtaposition was who will stay behind to delay the course of steaming hot 60-meter-tall colossal titans. As the cadets engaged in a heated debate about who should remain behind to halt the Titans’ advance and allow the others to proceed, Hange intervened.
  • Passing down her position and after bidding their fellow soldiers goodbye, Hange shared a touching moment of friendship with Levi before plunging into the approaching Titans headfirst.

Now, getting to the question –

Is Hange Zoe dead or alive in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 4?

As of now, Hange Zoe is dead. She died protecting the corps along with Gabi and Falco from escaping the Rumbling’s onslaught. They escaped via the aircraft they got their hands upon. And Hange Zoe had just given them enough time to keep on moving. Hange’s sacrifice came through her burning to her death as her cape started catching fire due to the rising temperature.

What exactly ensued moments before the former commander’s death?

Hange Zoe's death in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3
Hange when she rushed into the herd of Colossal Titans, Image via Sheatter Youtube Channel
  1. Upon flying out to confront the Titans, Hange pauses for a moment to appreciate the sight before engaging them. Utilizing their two Thunder Spears, Hange swiftly takes down two Titans but realizes that more time is needed, prompting them to switch to using blades.
  2. Despite suffering burns from getting close enough to kill the Titans with blades, Hange endures the heat until the flying boat departs before succumbing to their injuries.

After regaining consciousness on the trampled ground, Hange anxiously checks on the flying boat and its occupants. This ground is symbolic of what Hajime Isayama may have portrayed as heaven. There she meets Erwin.

Erwin, who reassures Hange that the sacrifice was worth it as the boat successfully departed. Overjoyed to reunite with all of their fallen comrades, Hange recounts the challenges faced as Commander, with many friends listening intently.

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