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This Monday Naruto celebrated its 20th anniversary and in the reception of the same, it did a number of noteworthy campaigns. The age of the anime fandom is quite old, but what’s still afresh is Naruto Uzumaki’s story even after 20 years of its inception. However, speculations have arrived after the promo video celebrating its 20th year in the making that there could be a potential Naruto remake.

Other than a multi-load of features in the Mobile game Borutage, New key visuals, and a full-front 10 minutes promo video, Naruto universe also released a new official website. The full promo video was done by Studio Pierrot, the studio responsible for animating Naruto Shippuden as well as a number of other Naruto works (Naruto franchise films and specials & Is also known for animating Bleach).

We need to affirm the possibility of a Naruto remake primarily from Kishimoto sensei’s message which he left on the official website and from the promotional video.

Is Naruto Remake going to happen?

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The thing about a Naruto anime remake is that it is possible, albeit unlikely. It isn’t impossible however given that Kishimoto himself hinted at multiple projects. At this point, multiple projects may already hint at two Naruto spin-off light novels that are going to be serialized in Shonen Jump starting October-November.

Other than that we can speculate a possible Boruto movie in the making. After a plethora of OVAs, extras, specials, and movies, if Kishimoto really wants to do more, he may altogether reboot the series.

Why Reboots take place

Reboots usually happen for a variety of reasons. The greatest example is that of Full Metal Alchemist which ran out of Manga chapters to adapt and hence strayed from the potential original story by the creator and told its own story.

In all rights, Full Metal Alchemist is still a brilliant story on its own. Something fans of Game Of Thrones may not relate to. Game of Thrones had to stray from possibly original storyline mainly because George R.R. Martin despite taking over a decade has not gone beyond a certain point.

The example of Dragonball

We had the industry-leading Dragonball Kai which ran pretty good for its time. The fandom of Dragonball is such that it hardly grows old. There’s almost no way to run out of new fans given that despite years after its ending Dragonball still retained a tremendous fanbase. It was no wonder that Akira Toriyama’s capacity to continue writing more led to the creation of Dragonball Super. Something similar happened when Naruto ended up extending to Boruto.

Why Big Shonen don’t take the risk of reboots

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  • In adapting sources such as these production houses usually take the derail route and make and tell their own story.
  • However Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and other similar shonen Anime series do not take such risks.
  • There is no way in blazing hell that One Piece anime will ever stray from the original Manga just to finish it quickly.

Naruto, for all intents and purposes, has more or less ended. The story of Boruto is a different story altogether that simply features Naruto. Honestly, Boruto Manga isn’t as bad, but to me who is a life-long anime fan, it just feels like poor attempts at sponging a story for the sake of money. 

MrBeast’s enthusiasm it not unnoticed for an anime remake of Naruto

MrBeast recently took Twitter by the storm when he showed interest in funding a possible remake of Naruto Anime. This came as a reply to the Twitter page called @Shonenleaks. For now, think of this as a hoping fan’s extended initiative to grandiose instead of a full-front confirmation that Naruto Remake is in place and is done by Mr. Jimmy Donaldson.

Kishimoto’s Message on Naruto 20th Anniversary

Kishimoto sensei, the originator of the legendary Naruto storyline and history’s one of the finest Shonen ever written, took to the official website to share a special message with the fans.

Naruto promo video and Kishimoto's message for possibility of Naruto Anime Remake
Kishimoto’s message via

The website has already laid hands for people to believe that it will continue to feature a well amount of new projects. Kishimoto himself confirms that a lot of projects are planned for the big celebration of the 20th year of Naruto’s serialization. The website also hosts a news segment in which all Naruto/Boruto-related news is featured. The merchandise section allows users to buy new goods for sale.

The Promo Video showcases Naruto’s journey through the ages

  • The promo video is more or less an anniversary tribute montage to Naruto. It picks up five of the most renowned Naruto openings (including Fighting Dreamers and Blue Bird, heck yeah!).
  • The first two are from the Naruto series and the last three are from Naruto Shippuden. Throughout the promo video, we see Studio Pierrot’s reanimation of Naruto’s most epic battles.

The video opens with Naruto and Sasuke fending in the Valley of the end and glimpses into flashbacks of Naruto’s journey. From Sasuke’s origin with Itachi to all the events throughout the Chunin exams to the end of Naruto. The PV then switches to the initials of Naruto Shippuden with Naruto, Sakura, and Sai dropping off at Orochimaru’s lair. The PV ends with the final battle between grown Naruto and Sasuke in the valley of the end.

Naruto Anime Remake in Naruto Promo Video
Naruto’s 20th Anniversary PV shows Naruto vs Sasuke reanimated, via Studio Pierrot official YT

There is a great synergy between the PV and it feels solid. More or less it just feels like a great compilation of opening songs. Pierrot has done a great job in providing a montage for the 700+ episode-long Naruto franchise within ten minutes. The animation feels crips, new, and blends amazingly with mesmerizing reflections and starting colors.

A Naruto Remake is a risk worth taking

Yahiko dies by Nagato
Yahiko kills himself at the hands of Nagato (picture snapped from Crunchyroll)
  • Now given that Naruto has already ended, Kishimoto may want to take the Dragon Ball route and produce something like Dragon Ball Kai. Kai was a fantastic retelling of the original Dragonball Z story without overextending things.
  • For God’s sake, Dragon Ball Z had such an extended and stretched pacing that even one power-up took 8 episodes. Naruto is really notorious for its filler content. You’ll find it too if you binge-watch Shippuden.
dragonball anime
Image Courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment

Imagine this – you’re in the middle of Naruto Shippuden’s Fourth Great Shinobi War, the ten tails are about to awaken, Obito is half dead and Madara Uchiha is about to take everything by the floor, and all of a sudden you hit the next episode button. But here’s the catch, the next episode button takes you to tell a story of Naruto in his early days about some cat that got lost in the jungle.


Some Naruto Shippuden fillers are really great (such as the power arc, which is chef’s kiss) while others are downright morbid. But I feel I am getting my point across – a series that’s ended can do great things with a good reboot. Such a reboot would call for amazing animations and a well-paced story retelling. Both of these are called out for by Kishimoto’s message and the animation glimpses come from the PV.

No, A Naruto remake isn’t confirmed yet. But it is very likely. The only obstacle to its development might be Boruto, which is still on-air. But in the long run, a Naruto reboot is by no means improbable, say something after Boruto itself also ends. Even if the Naruto Anime remake is not made anytime soon, we have plenty to look out for after reading Kishimoto sensei’s request to stay tuned in his official message.

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