Trying to grow with over 1800 signees, we have a Chainsaw Man remake petition raised by a Japanese user who wants to gather people who agree with him. Agree that the Chainsaw Man Anime remake is the only thing that will redeem the series. is known for a lot many petitions that have bewildered people simply for the sheer amount of crazy that the petitions contain. But other than these rare occasions, most of the petitions there do make sense. The Chainsaw Man Remake petition has recently been raised. And is growing as we speak, from the Japanese fans.

What’s the Chainsaw Man Remake Petition’s point?

The Anime, it seems, has been on the critical front for many Japanese fans. Although the Westerners have seemed to reciprocate Ryu Nakayama’s direction at Studio Mappa. Not directly, but in a manner of speaking.

But it seems the true men of culture from Chainsaw Man AniManga’s native country have been disappointed with the series since well over the beginning. What does that leave us with?

Why a certain percentage of toxic Chainsaw Man fans will never realize that the Anime sucks

Chainsaw Man Anime Remake Petition
Chainsaw Man Denji and Makima, image courtesy of

It leaves us with a section of toxic overcrowded Chainsaw Man fans who are so blinded by their hype that they have led themselves to believe the Anime is good. But a good look here and there and you can tell it doesn’t do half the justice it promised to do.

What’s bad with the Chainsaw Man Anime?

  • Not that its productive value in itself was bad, no no. That part was quite alright. The petition itself mentions this quite elaborately.
  • That it isn’t that the Anime was low-cost produced or something. But that the Anime could not find the right tone that it should for the Manga.

Now, what is the right tone that a Chainsaw Man Anime remake of the Manga should follow? It’s an artistic question, but the Japanese seem to have an artistic answer. The Chainsaw Man Remake petition lists out few pointers. Here’s the main theme of what they are trying to say –

1. Chainsaw Man Anime Direction is brutally off-put and misdirected

is chainsaw man for kids makima is danger
Courtesy of @CSMPerfectShots on Twitter
  • The petition and everyone who have seemingly signed on to it believes that Chainsaw Man director Ryu Nakayama has been drifting apart from the substance of the Manga.
  • What is the substance you ask? The Manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto has a gaggy mad vibe to it. Unlike the realistic imagery, colors and animation portrayed in the Anime.

The Manga seems to lean more toward larger-than-life blood, gore, and slashings. I know, you’re finding it difficult to visualize what such a gaggy mad vibe feels like. But that’s exactly the point. You cannot imagine it because Anime could not produce it.

2. The Chainsaw Man Anime’s creative decisions are not good enough

  • The petition also seems to call out the Anime for its creative choices. For example, it is usual for anime adaptations to leave certain things out. Certain lines or certain scenes.

The most famous one for one example perhaps is still Levi Ackerman’s topless body is bandaged. Something WIT Studio animated with his clothes on, leaving fangirls and boys devastated.

3. The problem with the background music

  • The Chainsaw Man petition also calls out the musical score. Mentioning that the Chainsaw Man Anime soundscore does not grasp the essence of the Manga. And that it only feels ragged and stretched.

4. Chainsaw Man Denji’s voice acting is inapt

Are denji and makima dating BDSM Denji being hugged by Makima
Denji being hugged by Makima, courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • Another thing that the Chainsaw Man Remake petition calls out for is the voice acting misguidance. The Japanese fans feel that Denji’s voice actor could not properly grasp the ‘madness’ (again, a lot of madness) that the character ought to portray.
  • They noted how Bakugo (from MHA) Voice Actor Nobuhiko Okamoto feels like a better fit to portray Denji.

But they also mentioned that Denji’s voice actor isn’t a bad voice actor per se. And that the problem lies in misguidance and direction by his supervisors. And that if Toya Kikunosuke (Denji’s VA) was guided properly, he should be able to pull out a Manga-accurate Denji.

These are the ways in which Japanese fans feel that a Chainsaw Man Anime remake is much needed and worth it. But so far there have only been over 1800 signees. They will probably need some 50000 more to get anything going. But this is a good place to start.

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