There’s this certain enigmatic aura about Gojo Satoru. Something about the character that just bleeds egoism, power, and overwhelming presence. It’s not even been 3 years since the release of Jujutsu Kaisen anime and Gojo Satoru has broken popularity polls like a series of brick breakers. So How did Gege Akutami create Gojo Satoru?

But what exactly are the character traits of Gojo Satoru that connect with the fans?

Gojo Satoru Inspiration for Gege Akutami
Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

The charisma of Gojo Satoru lies not only in his overpoweredness but also in the way he interacts with the Jujutsu World. When you envision the personality parameters of an overpowered being that can heil over all other existences, you usually imagine a villain. But for certain reasons, Gojo Satoru is better than using his powers for world dominion.

Gojo could turn heel with his overpoweredness but he doesn’t 

  • Although it isn’t that he could do so without a fret. I’m sure in the event that Gojo Satoru ever turns dark, there will be plenty of forces who will at least give some resistance to his problematic heel turn.

But such a heel turn is only my hypothetical thought experiment. The larger point still remains that despite wielding a ginormous amount of potential for destruction, like black hole level, Gojo Satoru is surprisingly heroic.

Gege Akutami
Gege Akutami, image courtesy of sportskeeda

One can accredit such a characteristic turn to basic plot armor. Or simply that he falls into the lighter category known as heroes.

Gojo Satoru has a charismatic egoism

Gojo Satoru is also marked by his egoistic approach. There’s a certain carelessness in his demeanor, shrouded in comedy and jokes. He’s always comic, so it’s difficult taking him seriously.

  • This is in direct contrast to Kakashi Uchiha, who hardly ever put out jokes and remained serious all the time. Kakashi also had this characteristic of egoistic smugness.
  • And it can be assumed that characters of this caliber possess tremendous intelligence that can back up their physical prowess.

Now that overpoweredness and egoism have been defined as Gojo Satoru’s primary traits, we can understand Gege Akutami’s inspiration.

How did Gege Akutami create Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru as he appears in Season 1
Gojo Satoru as he appears in Season 1, courtesy of Studio Mappa

In a report by Comicbook, Gege talked to a French Publication and revealed his inspiration for Gojo Satoru. The author revealed that his point of making Gojo was to put him out as the ‘pinnacle of strength’.

  • This is evident since the beginning of the series if you have noticed. The moment Satoru enters the scene is to fight a one-fingered Sukuna.
  • Having awakened 1/10th of his power within Itadori, Gojo goes one on one with the king of curses. The fight of course ends in Gojo’s favor, without even shredding a fret.

How Gege Akutami created his characters

“When I create characters, they have to fit into the canons of Shonen manga in order to catch the readers’ attention. There are characters for which I create the visual aspect first, like Panda or Inumaki.” Said Gege.

This makes sense when you see that it is true. Most of the Jujutsu Kaisen characters aren’t anything way and above usual shonen traits. There’s a certain culture of the Animanga community in which fans are adjusted to certain character tropes.

“Others are born first as a concept, for example, Gojo, who represents the pinnacle of strength. I think it’s important to choose one of these angles of attack and then complete the character.”

Underlying Gege’s acute sense of philosophy behind Gojo’s character development is still the monetary goal. Gege doesn’t just want to tell a story. He wants to tell a story that will run.

Jujutsu Kaisen is currently in the works for a Season 2 with an unscheduled release date.

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