Aka Akasaka’s romantic comedy manga series is nearing its end. Chapter 281 is scheduled to be the final chapter of the famous seinen series (it’s not a shonen, hah!). Kaguya Sama Love is War Manga had reached its final story to be ever told – the farewell arc.

Beginning with chapter 272, Kaguya Sama Love is War manga has been more or less wrapping up the stories of the significant characters. Chapter 279, which is all set for release tomorrow 20th October, will finalize the story of Chika Fujiwara. As such, the chapter is named Chika Fujiwara’s final chapter.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War: Manga ending The First Kiss Never Ends
Kaguya and Shirogane, via Crunchyroll

Lady Kaguya Wants to Make Him Confess: The Geniuses’ War of Hearts and Minds is what the Japanese title of the manga translates to. Internationally titled Kaguya Sama: Love is War, the series tells the tale of the student council of Shuchiin Academy.

  • Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the top representatives of the council, the former being the council president and the latter the vice president.
  • The duo ends up falling in love with each other, only to dwell on how the age-old folklores have warned the youth against the ill happenings of cupid.
  • As such, both are determined to win the war of love by making the other fall for themselves.

Kaguya Sama manga will end in 3 more chapters

The final arc of Kaguya sama manga began with Chapter 272 titled Kei Shirogane’s final chapter. As fans would recall, Kei is the younger sister of our male protagonist. Starting with Kaguya Sama Manga Chapter 272, Aka Akasaka has gone up the hill of concluding every character. Chapters 273 and 274 focused on concluding Maki Shijo, Nagisa Kashiwagi, and Tsubasa Tanuma’s stories. As such the succeeding chapters told the story as told by its title, namely-

  1. Chapter 275: Kobachi Osaragi’s Final Chapter
  2. Chapter 276: Ai Hayasaka’s Final Chapter
  3. Chapter 277: Miko Iino and Yu Ishigami’s Final Chapter, Part 1
  4. Chapter 278: Miko Iino and Yu Ishigami’s Final Chapter, Part 2
  5. Chapter 279: Chika Fujiwara’s Final Chapter

The final arc of Kaguya Sama Manga has proceeded in the chronology of ascending priority of characters

Kaguya Sama love is war manga ending
via Viz Media

With only two more chapters to go, Kaguya Sama Love is War manga nears its end. The final two chapters will conclude Miyuki and Kaguya’s epic tale of love and war. However, one interesting aspect is to wonder which character will succeed in Chika’s chapter.

  • Given how Aka has been releasing the final arc, the chapters proceed as per the priority of the character. Kei Shirogane, a relatively secondary character, got her concluding chapter first.
  • As such it makes sense for the last two chapters to be dedicated to the main couple, the central stars of the series. Chika was notably the third most relevant role in the entire story.

The final chapter will probably be named Kaguya Shinomiya The Final Chapter

Kaguya confesses
Courtesy of reddit user u/rushiasimp

Now either Aka will name the chapter Kaguya and Miyuki’s final chapter, or one of the protagonists will have their chapter first. The first option makes more sense because it is kinda hard to distinguish whether Kaguya is more important or Miyuki. But from the title of the manga series itself, if the author takes the second route, take my word Kaguya’s final chapter will be the final chapter of the manga.

Thoughts on how the manga should end

Kaguya and Miyuki
Kaguya and Miyuki, via crunchyroll

As for how the chapter will proceed, it’s anybody’s guess.  We could possibly time skip by the end of the manga to some ten years later, when everyone reunites at the main couple’s wedding. Things have not been easy for the relationship between Kaguya and Miyuki. Both believed that they did not deserve love from each other, hence why their development took such a stretch. While the manga also had to give justice to fans’ screaming for a proper Ino-Ishigami moment.

Kaguya Sama Love is War manga ending should give an end intelligently to the world that Kaguya and Miyuki had always made within themselves. The world was both their way of connecting to each other and at the same time the very bridge that made them distant. Miyuki asking Kaguya’s father if he would allow him to marry her remains to date one of the major turning points of the series. Ever since Miyuki’s ultra-romantic confession, the audience has had their fill of both the couple’s relationship. As such the manga’s ending will feel more like an epilogue, than a conclusion to both. 

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