The way of the world is harsh and penned by the greater evils of corporate ploy and capitalist drive. That’s just a complex way of saying that millions can go un-sued for using meme material. Still, a Twitter CEO named Elon Musk can definitely be demanded a billion dollars. Equality is still scarce and a billionaire being demanded a speck of his net worth is one of the fun sides of living in the age of the Internet. This thing is coming from the fact that Musk used Kentaro Sato’s Aya Asagiri crying anime girl meme from his Manga Magical Girl Site. Read on!

Musk is notorious for being the humor daddy of Twitter

Aya Asagiri Kentaro Sato Magical Girl Site
Magical Girl Site featuring the primary protagonist crying girl Aya, image courtesy of Prime Videos

Elon Musk is notorious for being a meme-making machine. Whether you count his abrupt sci-fi fantasy tweets or direct attack at wokeness. Our Twictator has barely shied away from being a full-throttle force to be reckoned with on the micro-blogging site. And I speak this of being true even before he decided one day to wake up and say “Hey I want this” and score a $44 Billion Dollar deal with the previous Twitter executive boards.

    • Although on the same front he later dismantled half of the previous board. Elon Musk is hellbent on creating Twitter 2.0 and in his recent endeavors he ended up losing even more of his already lost workforce.

Magical Girl Site Manga by Kentaro Sato is quite dark

On all serious note, here’s what happened. You may have heard of the Magical Girl Site Animanga series from where the crying anime girl meme originated.

  • The Manga was first released in 2013 on an online web platform. Later,  the shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Champion started serializing it in 2017 and ran til 2019.
  • Written by Kentaro Sato It found its anime adaptation in April 2018 and was animated by production doA. The story of Magical Girl Site is one redeemed with serious tones of bullying, harassment, and physical abuse.
    • But to add some glittery shine to all that darkness our protagonist Aya Asagiri finds a website with prestigious undertakings.
      • The suspicious website contains a creepy-looking figure who takes pity on Aya. The figure then continues to announce that he shall bestow upon her divine magical power, let’s go mahou!

What Elon Musk meant with his Meme of crying Aya Asagiri  artwork from Magical Girl Site by Kentaro Sato

Aya Asagiri Kentaro Sato Magical Girl Site
Aya about to be bullied in one of the scenes in the episodes of Magical Girl Site, via
  1. Elon Musk being his own simple Muskiness shared a meme that featured Aya Asagiri’s crying figure against a Yes Chad masculine figure embellished in natural ornamentals. The ornamentals feel refreshing of a gnostic medieval shaman but that’s unnecessary information.
  2. The meme was on using Gmaps and how true chads don’t really need it. They just follow their divine gut to find the country road that leads to home.

Kentaro Sato’s response to his Aya Asagiri artwork use

Mangaka asks Elon Musk Billion Dollar
Image courtesy of

Kentaro Sato took to Twitter to respond to this meme. Claiming that Elon Musk is using his copyright material and hence must pay him 1 Billion in USD. The tweet was in Japanese and hence whether Musk took the time to translate it or not remains anyone’s best guess.

It obviously feels like a joke. Everyone uses the crying girl Aya Asagiri in their meme templates. Millions are using it, but one full-frontal Twitter CEO does it and everyone loses their mind? What’s up?

Japanese Copyright Laws are different than the West

Well here’s what. Japanese copyright laws are different.

  1. In Japan, a work is granted copyright to its owner the moment it is produced. And the flexible use of ‘fair usage’ is a very thin idea.
  2. It doesn’t exist in Japan instead what exists is some sort of mutually comprehensive exemptions. These exemptions must be further iterated by the copyright owner himself.

So if anyone else did it from the west or any other country with similar copyright laws, it would have been a joke. But the simple fact that there’s a huge Japanese law backing up Sato’s suit makes you wonder if he is actually joking or serious.


The actual manga panel of Magical Girl Site featuring the crying girl meme, image courtesy of mangaka @sato_ken_taro in Twitter
  • It’s also likely that even a court case will go nowhere. The meme is a pretty fair material of artistic expression and in this context hardly arguable if Musk has any capitalist gains from this one move.
  • Plus add with varying copyright laws of the U.S and Japan and we have an unsolvable jurisdiction. Who exactly will pass the judgment? International Court of Justice? Pfft!

As of now, there’s been no response from the Twictator. And there probably won’t be. These will be lost in an array of interesting internet events that happened. Although one should note that the Mangaka Kentaro Sato ended up with quite a lot of publicity from this crying anime girl meme alone. He also further tweeted the exact Manga panel from which his artwork was made into a meme. Kentaro Sato also further posted an amazon link to his Manga Magical Girl Site’s first volume, it’s a win-win.

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