In the finest addition of the hating corners in the Anime fandom, one has to attribute the hall of fame that is bestowed upon Sakura some justified credit. But there’s another female character that often shines infamously in the same list as Sakura. And perhaps even very close by. Here’s what happened to Misty in Pokemon Anime, and was she treated poorly throughout?

Initially, it should be noted that people have different opinions and tastes, which can lead to liking or disliking a character. However, some individuals tend to overreact and turn their dislike into hate, which can create a negative environment.

Why do people hate Sakura and is it similar to the hate for Misty?

Pokemon Anime Misty
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There are multiple reasons why people hate Sakura. Although if thought logically, most of them are just fans overbearing their hatred and projecting it onto a character.

  • But generally, some of the tendencies of such hated characters do feel annoying. Sakura obsesses over Sasuke without heeding Naruto at all ever, feels one such reason.
  • Although personally, I never related to the fans who hated Sakura. If anything, she has come up as a formidable character, one capable of standing feet-to-feet with the two strongest Shinobis. One of whom is her husband, the other her closest friend.

What happened to Misty in Pokemon Anime?

Misty, one of Ash’s original travel companions, holds a special place in the hearts of many long-time fans of the series. It’s not difficult to see why – her design is adorable, she has a fiery personality, and is a skilled gym leader, even if it’s only due to her sisters.

  • Ash also owes her a debt from the first episode, as she rescues him from a lake and gives up her bike to help him escape an angry flock of Spearow.
  • If you are a fan of Misty, then you likely have observed her character closely and understand her well.

Some fans have analyzed her to be similar to Sakura – the Anime world’s one of the most renownedly hated characters.

Did the Pokemon Anime treat Misty poorly?

Pokemon Anime Misty
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Initially, Misty’s only motivation for joining Ash is to obtain a new bike, but their friendship develops over time, and she stays with him for that reason alone. Despite this, Misty is still a realistically flawed character, which may turn off some fans.

  • For instance, her temper gets the best of her at times, which she often expresses emotionally and even physically, as seen when she slaps Ash on more than one occasion.
  • Misty’s character stagnated when she got Togepi, and for a large part of Johto, her main role was to hold it.
  • Misty was absent from the show for a significant period, from 2002 to 2022, making up around 80% of the entire series.

Why do fans hate Misty in Pokemon Anime?

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Many Pokemon fans have expressed their dislike for Misty. Although it’s difficult to mention every point by every fan ever, we can summarize a general crux of the information for you. Here are a few pointers on why people hate Misty.

Shipping: Some individuals, particularly amour shippers, fear that Misty may become Ash’s spouse, which leads to them disliking her character. for fans of the “Pokeshipping” ship, it felt like her crush on Ash was never taken seriously and eventually just became a running gag.

Lack of rivalry: As Misty didn’t have many rivals or competitors in Pokemon battles, some fans tend to compare her with others in that criteria, which doesn’t reflect the actual meaning of her character.

Slapping Ash: Misty has slapped Ash on multiple occasions, which some fans believe negatively impacts children’s character as Pokemon is a children’s show. However, such actions are typical in cartoons and anime, and don’t necessarily affect children’s behavior.

Lack of character development: While Misty didn’t undergo significant character development throughout the series, she was already portrayed as a prodigy girl. However, she developed herself in the SM series.

Tomboyish appearance: Misty’s tomboyish appearance may not appeal to some individuals, but she also has a cute girly side to her character. Some individuals may consider Misty’s appearance to be unattractive.

Misty’s cameo return in the latest Pokemon Anime seems to be not enough

Why is Misty hated in Pokemon Anime
Misty’s cameo in Pokemon Anime

Despite Misty making a few appearances and returning for the final ten episodes, many long-time fans feel that she was not treated well in the show as a whole.

  1. Firstly, Misty’s goal of becoming a water Pokemon master was not explored enough in the show. It’s unclear what it takes to become one, especially when compared to other powerful water Gym leaders like Wallace.
  2. Secondly, most of Misty’s Pokemon didn’t get enough screen time or development. Additionally, she had very few battles throughout the series, and those that did happen were often interrupted by Psyduck.

Lastly, despite being a main character for almost 300 episodes, it feels like Misty was never used to her full potential, and her strength lay mainly in her interactions with Ash and Brock.


Overall, Misty’s treatment in the show has left fans feeling disappointed, as they believe that a character with so much potential was never given the development she deserved.

In conclusion, the reasons for Misty’s dislike by some Pokemon fans vary, but it’s important to remember that everyone has different opinions and tastes, and it’s okay to like or dislike a character.

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