My Hero Academia has been on a rumble. Shigaraki now merged with All for One has become one of the greatest nemesis in the history of the Animanga shonen genre. My Hero Academia’s author Kohei Horikoshi has already revealed that he is going to end the manga sometime in 2023. As such we are nearing the final chapters of the final arc. My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 367 which was released recently allowed Mirio to pull a greater move on the overall dynamic and here’s how he did it –

My Hero Academia Chapter 367 recap

Deku in My Hero Academia Chapter 367
Deku is helped by US jets, Chapter 367 via viz media
  • The Chapter begins with Deku taking a lift from the flying jets sent to protect UA by Star and Stripe, America’s No 1 Pro hero to whom All Might previously asked for help.
  • The Jet pilots ask Deku to hop in and so the green-haired protagonist does so using his Black Whip quirk. The pilots then entrust Star and Stripe’s words to him by telling him that she trusts All Might’s successor.

The Protagonist arrives to save the day

Deku vs Shigaraki
Deku vs Shigaraki, snapped from Viz
  • Our hero then jumps from the pilot planes and rightly into UA, leashing onto Shigaraki using his dark whips and instantly catapulting the All for One dominated consciousness. Shigaraki/All for One is sent flying and hits the barrier, cracking it.
  • Mirio instantly lightens up with Deku’s entrance. Upon Mirio’s remarks, Deku looks at the fallen two of the rest of the Big 3 batch of UA, Tamaki, and Nejire along with Mirko. Things change as Shigaraki/AFO wakes up and remarks on Deku’s growth since their last fight.

Shigaraki’s intentions and talk tactics

Deku in My Hero Academia Chapter 367
Deku sees the state of his friends in My Hero Academia chap 367 via VIZ
  • Wanting to take seize of Deku’s reactions, All For One/Shigaraki crawls using his hands and legs like a spider while calling Deku out. He asks if Deku will now blame Toga for keeping the hero at bay and delaying his arrival.
  • Deku then stares and gazes at a fallen and almost-dying Bakugo. Upon seeing what Shigaraki has done to his friend, Deku starts getting into a frenzy. (BEHOLD SUPER SAIYAN JIN SS1!!!!!!!!)

Mirio changes the possible dynamics of the battle by turning out against the Heroes’ favors

Mirio Lemillion puts deku together
Mirio puts Deku together, via Viz
  • Shigaraki hopes for a revival of the situation he faced in the Paranormal Liberation front war – Deku losing his utter shit. However, this time history doesn’t repeat itself.
  • Lemillion, the former contender to be future’s no 1 Pro hero of Japan, pulls Deku back into his senses.
  • Mirio remarks how Edgeshot is within Bakugo and is doing his best to revive him. Although his friends are in a dire state, they aren’t yet dead. If this isn’t hope then what is?

Deku is guided by the predecessors 

My Hero Academia Chapter 367
colored by @BRBarts
  • Upon Mirio’s remarks, Deku is awe-struck with visions of All Might who always spoke proudly of how a hero can turn the most mundane of situations into glimmers of hope.
  • He also remembered the pilots who just a few moments ago told him how their sister (Star and Stripe) entrusted her vision to him.
  • Also guided by the spirits of all the users of One for All (excluding All Might and the founder), Deku takes hold of his anger. Black whips surround him along with blazes that resemble the third user of OFA. 

Mirio’s influence on Deku in My Hero Academia Chapter 367

The strength of Lemillion was found when he took the quirk-killing bullet that was meant for Eri in the Shie Hassaikai arc. Of course, his physical strength is superhuman – to the point that his one punch broke Overhaul’s arms and sent classmates of UA 1-A flying. But the primal attraction Lemillion has always been his indomitable will. There are a number of times when Mirio has been nothing short of a mentor to Deku.

Mirio’s power is not in his quirks

Mirio Lemillion Togata
Lemillion, courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • When first faced with Overhaul in which Mirio and Deku had to let Eri go, Mirio conversed with Overhaul in a completely intellectually deceptive manner. For a person that is otherwise going around naked and screaming “Powaaaah!”, it was the first time you see that there’s more to Lemillion than just nude-charging onto opponents.
  • It was the bullet Mirio took which resulted in him losing his quirk, but also inspired Eri to go all out with her powers. This allowed Deku to utilize it, reversing One For All’s body tearing tenacity by reversing the damage done using Eri’s quirk. Lemillion was the one vouched to be One For All’s successor, chosen by Sir Nighteye – All Might’s former right hand. After witnessing the might of Mirio even amidst losing his quirk, Deku offered him One for All later which he outright declined.

Why Mirio was the right pick to motivate a blood-frenzied Deku in My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 367

Mirio pulls Deku together My Hero Academia Chapter 367
Courtesy of Viz
  • During his enraged mode in My Hero Academia Chapter 367, it is unlikely that anybody else would have reached Deku as quickly as Mirio did, with the exception of All Might. Mirio immediately landed towards Deku not wasting a single breath. Mirio was aware of Deku’s capacities and his blood frenzy. Mirio knew he needed to spat out the words.
  • The words Mirio spat out weren’t false hopes although All For One/Shigaraki immediately called out as such. Mirio’s words were the treasure of the experience he’s had as a hero deriving from the same source that allowed him to plunge right into Overhaul’s freakishly powered attacks despite having no Quirk.

The same indomitable will is shared by All Might, Deku as well as Mirio

All Might in his weary form
All Might in his exhausted form, courtesy of Studio Bones

There’s a certain theme that runs along the curtains behind Deku and All Might which Mirio seems to capture perfectly. It is the idea that you cannot wait until your body is moving, your situations and circumstances correct, your opponent wide open or you are functional. When a true hero sees someone who needs help he shifts all odds that are against him in his favor.

He battles life and death and plunges forward even when his body gives up and he saves lives with a smile – something Deku has overdone again and again to his body. With such, Mirio coming to call the day has been one of the finest portrayals by Horikoshi sensei.


My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 367 has plunged Deku towards his final all-out battle with his destined nemesis – the successor to All For One. Deku in the final panel asks All For One if Shigaraki’s consciousness is still there, the reply to which would require us to wait for My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 368. This chapter really emphasized Deku’s growth ever since the Paranormal Front War. Deku has learned to keep his emotions in check and address the needs of the situation first.

Heck, he has even learned to curate his anger as an emotional fuel supply to lean out all his quirks. How the battle between One For All and All For One tide out (which is the legendary metaphor used for millennia as good against evil) can only be told by the author. [And also a handful of Animanga analysts and theorists 🙂 ]

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