Dabi in My Hero Academia season 6
Dabi confronts Endeavor in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Bones)

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers took fans by storm, appearing unexpectedly early and revealing a shocking revelation regarding Toya Todoroki, also known by his villain name-  Dabi. After almost losing completely to Shoto’s Phosphor attack at Kamino, Toya managed to survive by copying his youngest sibling’s move and escaped to Gunga using Kurogiri’s Warp Gate.

As the villain confronted his father, the police panicked upon realizing that Dabi was a ticking time-bomb due to the extreme heat he had concentrated within his body. Chapter 386 showed the heroes evacuating nearby shelters, among whom were the other two Todoroki siblings and their mother, Rei.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 leaked spoilers trace the history of the Himura family and suggests that this might not be the end for Endeavor and Dabi 

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 leaked spoilers begin with a conversation between Geten and Mr. Compress, both of whom had been arrested. The ice villain began describing the ancestry of the Himura family, explaining why their power and influence dropped over time. The Himura family was coveted for its powerful ice quirk, and the family became obsessed with keeping their bloodline pure. Mr. Compress commented that this was a case depicting a different kind of quirk discrimination and obsession with family pedigree, something he had learnt about from Spinner.

The raw scans revealed that the Himura married their children off to distant relatives or cousins from the same family, almost causing the family to go extinct. The main branches began selling their children off to arranged marriages in a desperate attempt to save their family, with Rei’s marriage to Endeavor being one such instance. The other branches of the Himura family slowly disappeared, and Geten was taken in and raised by Re-Destro.

Geten asks Mr. Compress to tell his story, after remarking that as quirks keep evolving, even the users themselves often don’t realize the true nature of their abilities. My Hero Academia Chapter 387 leaked spoilers then return to the war raging on between Endeavor and Dabi, just 800 meters away from Gunga. Realizing that Dabi’s explosion would kill not only the civilians but also the heroes holding Twice’s clones at bay, Endeavor realizes that he has to act fast and create as much distance as possible between them and the others.

Dabi yells at his father, asking him to look at him, but all Endeavor sees is a young Toya begging him to see what he could do with his flames. Even after getting hit by a fire punch, the hero continues to get flashbacks of his oldest son as a kid, remembering that he is the one responsible for driving Toya past the road to redemption. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 387 raw scans show Endeavor stretching his hand out towards Dabi’s chest and thinking about how people might experience one of two things while at the brink of death- one being the evolution of an already existing ability, which Bakugo underwent during the fight with Shigaraki. He sees Dabi experiencing the second kind of phenomenon, which is the awakening of a dormant quirk. 

The leaked spoilers show ice shards coming out of the villain’s chest, suggesting that Toya had indeed inherited his mother’s Frost quirk as well. Realizing that Dabi will repeat his own mistakes and continue to hurt people, the hero hugs his son and propels them both high up into the sky. He declares that he would not let his son die alone, and prepares to be there for Toya until they both explode. However, the final panel of My Hero Academia Chapter 387 shows Rei arriving at the scene, using her quirk on her oldest son.

Why fans debunked the Phoenix quirk theory in the past

Dabi copies Phosphor in MHA chapter 363
Dabi copies SHoto’s special move, Phosphor in chapter 363 (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Shueisha)

In the past, My Hero Academia fans speculated that Dabi might have a dormant ice quirk which was why he had inherited his mother’s physicality and her sensitivity to heat. The theory was further bolstered by the gradual change of Toya’s hair color from red to white, with some strands of red remaining.

Many fans argued that a powerful fire quirk like Hellflame must necessarily come with a restorative ability, similar to an in-built safety mechanism. The concept was nicknamed the Phoenix quirk theory after the mythological phoenix, which sets itself on fire and is reborn from the ashes. Following Shoto and Dabi’s fight in Kamino, My Hero Academia Chapter 353 gave fans hope that the oldest Todoroki might awaken a second ability which would explain how he survived the fire on Sekoto Peak as a kid, and had withstood Shoto’s Phosphor.  

Dabi reminisces in MHA season 6
Dabi thinks about how he lost control on Sekoto Peak (Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Bones)

But Chapter 363 disheartened fans’ hopes as Horikoshi confirmed that Dabi had survived the battle by copying Shoto’s Phosphor attack. However, it remained a mystery how he had managed to copy it, since Phosphor was an attack Shoto created by regulating his internal temperature using both his quirks, essentially creating a cold fire.

With the new revelations put forward by My Hero Academia Chapter 387 spoilers and the confirmation of the Phoenix quirk theory, fans have pointed out that such a development was foreshadowed in the past through a young Toya’s remarks about how Endeavor had just taught him how to turn up the heat, never how to cool it down. Kyudai Garaki’s quirk singularity theory and the random manifestation of OFA quirks in Deku also suggested that it was possible that Toya Todoroki might awaken a second ability in the future.

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