Season 6 of My Hero Academia makes justice to the best battle in the series: the hero Hawks versus the villain Twice. While different fights are indeed more breathtaking, the showdown between Hawks and Twice is even more. It happens towards the start of the Pro Heroes‘ attack against the Paranormal Liberation Front. In view of the profound sentiments portrayed and the tragic stories of both characters.

But in a tragic turn of events, Bubaigawara Jin, Twice, was the first casualty of My Hero Academia Season 6. In any event, while confronting Hawks, the Number 2 Hero and a clearly prevalent rival. Twice refused to abandon his goal of protecting his companions.

In this manner, he coincidentally signed his death warrant. Twice will be remembered fondly by numerous My Hero Academia fans, yet his passing likewise leaves a vast opening in his former team.

Warning: SPOILERS!!! from Episode 3 of My Hero Academia Season 6

The Betrayer – Hawks

hawks and twice fight
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Perhaps one of the most emotional fights in My Hero Academia happens between two new companions who partake in a terrible confrontation until the very end.

  • The heroes’ unknown invasion strategy depended on rapidly overpowering the Liberation Front before they had time to organize a counterattack. They already had a numbers disadvantage and couldn’t bear for the Liberation Front to early start opposing so.
  • This made Twice’s Double Quirk particularly hazardous to the heroes, as he would have the option to make a more-than-competent counterattack force. Without help from anyone else in practically no time.

  • It was for this reason that Hawks couldn’t afford to ever let Twice out of his sight for too long while he was undercover.

The moment the struggle started to start off, Hawk scrambled toward his mate Bubaigawara/Twice, surrounding him with lethal feathers while he sleeps.

Did Hawks really betray Twice? The psychology behind it

hawks and twice fight
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Now, why don’t we head to the ethical question set up by the Hawk and Twice’s conflict? Is saving perhaps thousands of people worth killing one good man?

  • Simply put, the act of helping people is good, whether it comes from a hero or a villain. In fact, we’ve been shown this in the story before, Shigaraki is a murderer who lashes out at random.
  • And he’s also a person who provides a home to several unstable people and helped them improve their lives, both of these while contradictory exist at the same time.

Here’s why I think Twice’s and Hawk’s thoughts both differ:

  • Hawks and Twice’s beliefs contradict each other on a sociopolitical level. That is, both Hawks and Twice have different ideas on how society should be run. Hawk’s ideas are primarily collectivist, and Twice’s are individualist.
  • Hawks ideas are centered around two things, maximizing efficiency, and the greater good. His goal has always been to save as many people as possible and to maximize the efficiency of his actions while doing so.

The Betrayed one – Twice

twice death in bnha in season 6 my hero academia
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Hawks admission to Twice is a destroying betrayal, however, one that cuts Twice particularly deep because of what it uncovers him about himself.

  • Everything originates from Twice’s miserable impulse to have the option to trust individuals whom he thinks often about. It’s similar to destroying that Hawks needs to help and change Twice as a hero. But, the manipulated fighter has no interest in such an abandonment of his values.
  • Neither of these two wanted to fight each other and a certainly genuine bond was formed between them. Regardless of whether it at first outgrew hate.

What other big regret did Twice have?

Not only Twice has been deceived, but his activities are generally liable for the significant takedown that the heroes flawlessly pull off. Twice is crushed on a personal level. This leads to this unhealthy pattern where he continues to trust the wrong people, charting back similar to his friend of Kai Chisaki.

Twice in his last moments

toga hugging twice in mha season 6 my hero academia
Image Courtesy of Crunchyroll

Twice’s striving voice as he sees shots of his genuine dead body laying in a pool of blood dribbling. The half-second shot of him getting Toga‘s handkerchief as he attempts to move away from Hawks. The startling shot of Hawks showing up behind Twice overwhelmed Dabi‘s flares. Then when everything revolves around reaching a conclusion… BOOM!

As soon as Toga hugs him, thanks him for saving her, and Twice says his last words. The music hits you like a ton of bricks with an impactful climax before the screen cuts to black and the ending theme song kicks in.


While there are individuals who contend a few villains are correct, most contend the heroes are right. There’s no rejecting that what Twice said was anything shy of feeling what the ordinary individual feels on the two sides of that hero/villain face.

Furthermore, I think that a part of Twice, rather Jin Bubaigawara, is something that made his personality unique and quite possibly the most well-written character in the entire series.

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