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My Hero Academia Season 7 Release is more or less greenlit. With a well-endowed trailer (teaser?) that allows us to look forward to the final story of Horikoshi’s Manga. Which is on its way to being adapted into a fledged complete series. With Season 6 ending soon, what do we look forward to?

  • Fans of My Hero Academia are eagerly anticipating the release of the seventh season, which is rumored to be the final installment of the anime.

However, fans can rejoice as the seventh season has been confirmed in the 17th issue of the Shonen Jump weekly magazine. As of now, the series has aired six seasons, and the final episode of season 6 is slated to be broadcast on March 25, 2023.

When will My Hero Academia Season 7 release?

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Based on factors such as previous seasons’ duration, time gaps between seasons, and other variables, it is anticipated that season 7 will premiere in April 2024, as long as the manga series concludes by December 2023 at the latest.

Studio Bones has done an outstanding job with the pacing of the current season, which is adapting the Paranormal Liberation War arc (initially). As My Hero Academia Season 6 draws to a close, one might eagerly anticipate what’s in store for Season 7. But that is the point of this article, to which you have so demandingly searched for.

A new trailer (teaser?)

A new promo has been released to provide fans with a sneak peek at the finale of Season 6, which officially marks the beginning of the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi’s manga story. Check it below:

Season 6 has seen Deku and the other characters face some of their toughest challenges yet, including the fight against Tomura Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front in the first half of the season.

What story will the final season of My Hero Academia tell?

The extent of the content that will be included in My Hero Academia season 7 is highly dependent on where season 6 concludes. However, with the final episodes of season 6 delving into the final arc of the manga, it seems likely that season 7 will cover the last arc and serve as the series finale.

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  • The pacing of season 7 will be determined by the number of chapters remaining to be adapted and whether Studio Bones or Horikoshi intends to incorporate any anime-original material in either season.

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of the chapter and episode counts, storyline coverage, remaining arcs, and expected timelines.

How many episodes will the seventh season entail, when can it possibly release and what will it cover?

My Hero Academia Season 6 is slated to have 25 episodes and is expected to conclude in March 2023. Historically, there has been a gap of approximately 13 months between the release of each season.
  • As a result, assuming that Season 6 concludes in March 2023 and no production delays occur, Season 7 is likely to premiere in late March or early April 2024.
  • Studio Bones is known for setting ambitious deadlines. Therefore, it would not be surprising if they choose to start working on season 7 before the manga’s completion.


Deku in My Hero Academia Chapter 367 mY hERO Academia Season 7
Deku sees the state of his friends in My Hero Academia chap 367 via VIZ
My Hero Academia Season 7 is expected to cover both the U.A. Traitor arc and the Final War arc. With Season 6 drawing to a close this winter, viewers will witness the culmination of Dark Deku’s tragic arc and the lead-up to the epic finale unfolding in the manga.
The final episode of Season 6 offers a glimpse of the heroes’ recovery before they launch their next assault on the villains.

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