If you have not been fed up with crime thrillers, we do have interesting news for you. My Home Hero Manga has just been recently licensed by Kodansha USA to be released on their online platforms. But, what exactly do we make of this if we don’t know what the manga is about? So, here we are to help you out.

Is My Home Hero anime releasing this year?

My Home Hero what is it about?
My Home Hero Anime key visual released by Tezuka Productions

My Home Hero is a psychological thriller Manga series that came out in 2017. Although to help you out again, we must tell you that an anime adaptation is scheduled for 2023 April release.

Meaning, once you see the Anime adapting this series, and given the anime does not finish it in one go, you may be prompted to read the manga. Or better yet, you’re already excited to read the manga.

Written by Naoki Yamakawa and illustrated by Masashi Asaki, My Home Hero tells the story of a man riddled to save his family.

Where can you read the manga?

Kodansha USA announced on Wednesday that My Home Hero manga has been licensed for online (Digital) release. It will start publishing on February 28.

You can read it (When it comes out) here.

What is My Home Hero Manga about?

Tetsuo in My Home Hero Anime
Tetsuo in My Home Hero Anime, Image courtesy of Gameranx.com

Tetsuo Tosu is an ordinary person earning his day-to-day wages working in an office. Yet one day he discovers that his daughter has been in an abusive relationship.

Reika (his daughter) is troubled by Nobuto Matori. Upon further investigation, Tetsuo is devasted to unveil that Nobuto Matori is actually a member of a criminal syndicate.

He also uncovers that Nobuto has a history of relationships where he always ended up murdering his former girlfriends.

As it turns out, Reika’s grandparents from her mother’s side are quite rich. And as such to extort money from her grandparents, Matori was scheming quite dark stuff.

My Home Hero Anime
The main characters, Tetsuo, his wife, his daughter and daughter’s criminal boyfriend. Image courtesy of Tezuka Productions

Upon this realization, Tetsuo is quite overtaken by anger and fear. Afraid of Reika being killed as Nobuto’s past history indicate Tetsuo ends up taking drastic measures. In what ensues to be a physical altercation, Tetsuo kills Nobuto.

With the help of his wife Kasen, both of them successfully take care of the dead body. Struck in a loop, Tetsuo’s family must work diligently to get away from the crime syndicate.

They must ensure their daughter’s safety while also invading any problems from the syndicate. All in all, while a police investigation ensues.

What will keep you hooked on the series

My Home Hero Manga
Image courtesy of myanimelist

What keeps you going with My Home Hero Manga is that the odds are completely against the protagonist. Neither is he an overpowered martial artist, assassin, or a Light Yagami or Lelouch vi Britania ripoff. But that does not deprive him of his fantastic intelligence.

  • He is a quick thinker and can lie to someone’s face. And he needs this skill of his quite persuasively to evade criminals.
  • It’s a real-life crime thriller that bases itself on realism. The only thing that keeps the protagonist alive is how he plans out his set course of action.
  • And all the actions he takes are vital for his survival. One mistake and his entire family could be murdered.
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