We had quite big hopes for the Naruto panel at Jump Festa 2023 Big Stage. The conference witnessed many franchises announcing big things. For one, Spy x Family came up with not only a second season but also a full-feature film for 2023. But Naruto has left fans strayed into disappointed territory after their announcements. So what exactly did they unveil that did not meet the fans’ expectations? 

Why fans started hoping for a Naruto Anime Remake in Naruto Jump Festa 2023 Panel

Hero of the hidden leaf Naruto Jump Festa 2023 anime remake
Hero of The Hidden Leaf episode, after defeating Pain Naruto is finally acknowledged. Courtesy of Crunchyroll

If you have been following the updates recently, the Naruto franchise has been hyping people up over and over in the last few months. This came primarily through the animation promo video of Naruto’s 20th anniversary.

  • The video featured a reanimation by Studio Pierrot of the 20 years of Naruto. From the original Naruto entry downright to Naruto’s fight with Sasuke in the Valley of the End.
  • This was the moment in which fans really got imbursed into some self-imposed idea that “oh look we are having a new Naruto anime remake”.

Now that you think about it, the Naruto franchise never really explicitly pointed to a new Naruto anime remake. Although they did point towards a possible new anime project.

What did Naruto Jump Festa 2023 Stage reveal?

Naruto Jump Festa 2023
Naruto Jump Festa 2023 big stage photograph, image retrieved via Naruto-official.com

Jump Festa 2023 Naruto Stage witnessed the voice actors of Boruto and Naruto announcing the announcements revealed in scrolls.

  1. The first scroll revealed a Narutop99 poll. This poll shall be held for over a month til January 2023. Users will be able to vote for their favorite character out of 450 characters once a day.
    • At the end of the day, the top character will get an originally written Manga spin-off series. The manga will be a short one, excited Naruto fans be warned.
  2. The second scroll announced a Naruto Live event, a musical concert. The concert’s sales have already gone live. The concert will feature all the major bands that performed any of the Naruto franchise’s opening or ending.

Are fans justified for hating the Jump Festa 2023 reveal?

Naruto Anime Remake
The official Jump Festa 2023 poster, image via Crunchyroll

As of it yet, we already have a running Sasuke Retsuden anime adaptation of the light novel of the same name. In our predictions, we hoped for a likely Boruto movie announcement. We also considered the possibility of a Naruto anime remake. Which we added was quite unlikely although not impossible.

  • Today the fans are met with broken hearts. As fans took to Twitter to reimburse their disappointment. It should be pointed out that fans’ disappointment may have been their own demon.
  • In what appeared to be the Naruto franchise playing the fans, the fans may have taken hints when there weren’t any. They then went on to hope for a Naruto anime remake, and are now devasted when no such thing is happening.

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