Naruto Spin Off Sasuke Retsuden outshines Boruto & Dragonball Super

Sasuke Retsuden: The Uchiha Descendants and the Heavenly Stardust. That’s a hell of a long title but not enough when aptly describing the charisma of its main cast – Sasuke Uchiha. Fans once again bustled to run into different stores, wherever they could to get a copy of the latest Sasuke Retsuden manga. The Naruto Spin-Off was released alongside a Boruto chapter. Yet people decided that their time is better spent in pursuing this untold story of the once-outcast Shinobi of Leaf.

Sasuke Retsuden is the manga adaptation of an original story written by author Jun Esaka and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. 

Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ services witnessed Sasuke Retsuden overtaking Boruto and even Dragonball Super

Fanart of Sasuke and Sakura

  • The manga was digitally released on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ and Manga+ online platforms. The online platform is an internet rundown of their weekly shonen magazine Shonen Jump.
  • Launched in 2014, the initial platform soon felt the need to welcome a larger audience and hence launched a sister platform. Manga+ has made plans to simul-publish all the mangas released in the Shonen Jump+ services in their outlets as well.

Upon its release on the online platform, the site was surprised to see Sasuke Retsuden Naruto Spin-Off manga overtaking even Dragonball Super manga. Shonen Jump Plus services witnessed the manga grossing over 1 million views within 24 hours. The Manga+ platform also witnessed over 250,000 views in only a day.

What we saw in Chapter 1 of Sasuke Retsuden

Sasuke and Sakura
Courtesy of Shonen Jump+

The first chapter of Sasuke Retsuden manga enamored friends into its allure with the panel beginning with a coughing & torn down Naruto running after Sasuke. This is about the most atypical thing one would expect from Naruto. This time however Naruto is not running after Sasuke to stop him from massacring villages or becoming an underworld assassin. Sasuke is about to leave the village in search of a cure for a disease that has struck Naruto.

Sasuke’s venture into Redaku

Naruto Spin Off
Courtesy of Shonen Jump+
  • Sasuke’s journey lands him on Redaku, a country fans haven’t been introduced to before. The Rinnegan user attempts to find trails of the Sage of the six paths in hopes that the antique arts of the legend may carry hopes to save his best friend.
  • Sasuke eventually ends up finding The Book of Yoru. Sasuke finds that the Sage of Six Paths had spent time in the prison at Tatar Observatory. Deciding to invade the prison and actually doing it is still kid’s play for the world’s notably second-strongest Shinobi (After Naruto).

Sasuke encounters a prison escape

Sasuke Retsuden Naruto Spin off
Courtesy of Shonen Jump+
  • Sasuke is later received by a prisoner who wishes to climb to the top of the prison wall and escape. Sasuke firm in his resolve and having no reason to comply, simply denies. And in his smugness even mentions that he has willingly entered the prison, why should he leave it?
  • He could anyway disappear in a second if he wanted to, of course. The guy broke through a Five Kage Summit, this is still a prison in some distant land. The manga chapter closes with the prisoner falling down the wall and being feasted upon by a creature named Meno.

Sasuke’s story was due for a manga adaptation

Sasuke Retsuden
Courtesy of Shonen Jump+

There were multiple times when Sasuke’s journey far off to the outer wilds was mentioned in Boruto. The post-Shippuden story of Sasuke was told in the form of a light novel, named Sasuke Retsuden. As such the audience that got exposed to the story was heavily limited.

The prison in naruto spin off
Referring to the prison which seems to have more than what it shows. Courtesy of Shonen Jump+

However, as rumors began floating about the manga adaptation of the prequel to Boruto and claimed sequel of Naruto Shippuden, fans got excited. Naruto Spin-Off Sasuke Retsuden hereby explores Sasuke’s quest to save his best friend Naruto Uzumaki.

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