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There is nothing that hits the gaming fans more than an anime adaptation of their most emotionally invested franchise. NieR: Automata Ver1.1a is the anime adaptation of the Nier: Automata game. The anime has so far not disappointed, but what are the fans’ responses to it? While we are at that – Where to watch the Nier Anime Adaptation?

How A-1 Pictures have been doing for Nier Anime Episode 1

Nier Anime where to watch
Official key visual of Nier: Automata Ver 1.1a released in the official website,

A-1 Pictures is an animation studio quite revered in the anime industry. For the tremendous job they did with the Sword Art Online franchise, they are now easily top contenders along with Studio Mappa and such. And, they did not disappoint when delivering one of 2023’s most-awaited Anime.

    • Although one can still argue there are better titles ahead – including Attack on Titan Final Season 3 and also Demon Slayer S3. But those are, well, god-tier Anime.
    • The awaiting of those does not deprive the few minorities, but solid minorities if I were to add, of their love for the Nier storyline.

Here’s how the fans have been reacting to the Nier Anime adaptation.

Game Director’s vision for the Nier Automata Anime is to have an anime-original ending 

We already covered this one before, but here’s a rundown for you. Yoko Taro, the video game director hinted that the anime would not follow the game’s story. This comes primarily from the contention that the game has multiple endings.

The difficulty in adapting the game’s ending in the anime

  • It’s not a linear story. Instead, it branches out with multiple endings depending upon the different choices you made or the cutscenes you witnessed.
  • Putting such a game into Anime is not easy. For producers can either choose one out of the dozen ending the game has. Or they can also go for a new ending altogether.

Anime Episode 1 response by fans is not disheartening

Nier Automata anime adaptation Nier Automata ver 1.1a
courtesy of the Promotional Video of 9S released by Aniplex YT
  1. Episode 1 of the Nier Anime adaptation adapted the first episode of NieR Automata, Glory to Mankind very faithfully. The fans were reacting to this. But here’s the deal – the director did say the anime will take its own original ending, but that doesn’t mean it will abandon its core.
  2. And the story’s core is established in the first episode of the game. So it’s only natural that the anime too will adapt it faithfully. Besides, the branches that separate in the game only do so starting from the bitter end of Chapter 1, and properly from Chapter 2.

The Anime Episode 1 is titled to be or not to be. Referring to the protagonist 2B. The Nier Automata Ver 1.1a Episode 1 post-credit scene depicted 2B and 9S reuniting at the 13th satellite orbit base. This is a direct adaptation of the game’s second chapter.

Where to watch NieR Anime Adaptation

Courtesy of A-1 Pictures, the key visual for Nier Automata Ver.1.1a
Courtesy of A-1 Pictures, the key visual for Nier Automata Ver.1.1a

With Episode 1 out, fans await NieR Automata Ver 1.1a Episode 2. Here’s where you can watch it –

  • NieR: Automata Ver 1.1a episode 2 is scheduled for release this Sunday, January 15, 2023, at Japanese broadcasting stations – TOKYO MX, Gunma TV, and Tochigi TV at 12:00 am JST.
  1. Crunchyroll is broadcasting the episodes worldwide to its streaming platform.
  2. One can also head to the youtube channel of Ani-One Asia – which distributes anime for free in their youtube channel in major Asian countries.

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