Nisekoi bonus manga
Nisekoi manga gets a sequel set 10 years after the main story (Image via Shaft)

One of the most beloved rom-com manga of all time, Nisekoi: False Love will get a sequel very soon. Written by Naoshi Koshi, the last chapter of the manga was published almost 8 years ago. Hence, after so long, the author is finally returning with the Nisekoi manga.

Nisekoi is easily one of the best romantic stories to follow made in the last decade. The fans of the series yearn for Season 2 of the anime even to this date. However, instead of anime, the manga author has taken up the reigns of revival. Hence, we are receiving this update about the sequel manga. Therefore, keep reading as we throw light upon the significant details about the upcoming Neskoi manga sequel.

Exploring the release date for the Nisekoi manga sequel

Nisekoi manga’s next venture is set 10 years after the events in the main story. Hence we can expect chronicles of the “next generation” with the children of our main characters from the past.

The franchise plans to reprint the compiled volumes in a new format which will start propagating in Japan in June 2023. However, this new reprint will include new stories and events set 10 years after the ending of the original Nisekoi manga. Volumes 1 and 2 of the new reprint will release on June 16, 2023.

What is the manga all about?

Nisekoi new chapter
Raku and Chitoge as seen in the anime (Image via Shaft)

Nisekoi is a story about a boy and a girl who is forced to be in a relationship by their yakuza and gangster parents to maintain a diplomatic relationship among themselves. The idea of name “Nisekoi: Fake Love” denotes exactly this phenomenon. However, the irony is, they end up together, and are married at the end of the manga. Hence, the beauty of the Nisekoi manga lies in its intricate irony.

However, the sequel story is set after 10 years. Hence, there is a huge chance that it will cover the stories of their children. Even in the original manga, there was a bonus chapter at the end marked “Chapter 229.5” that portrayed the son of Raku and Chitoge, Haku, and Onodera’s daughter, Sasa. Hence, the new sequel manga could be the birth of a new relationship between Haku and Sasa.

This was everything you had to know about the upcoming sequel to the Nisekoi manga. You can find the upcoming volumes on Sheuisha’s official website.

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