Yesterday the official Naruto website revealed that vital information regarding the series is all set to be revealed at the Boruto and Naruto Super Stage event in Jump Festa 2023. We already previously covered the brewing possibilities of a Naruto Anime Remake given that this year we follow Naruto’s twentieth year in the making. Yet given the pending nature of the announcement, what can we now expect from this apparent vital information said for Jump Festa 2023 reveal?

The possibilities for a new Naruto Anime reveal in Jump Festa 2023

Kishimoto's message for possibility of Naruto Anime Remake New Naruto Anime in Jump Festa 2023
Kishimoto’s message via
  • The Naruto universe will take the stage on Saturday, December 17. The timing is 3:35 Pm to 4:15 pm JST. The possibilities seem more leaning toward the anime adaptation of the recent Naruto Spin-Off manga adaptation of the Sasuke Restuden light novel. Yep, that’s a huge line of adaptations.
  • Other possibilities include but (aren’t limited to) a Boruto movie. In the oddest of possibilities, we have a potential Naruto Remake, An untold Naruto Movie original, or a Naruto spin-off based on other unadapted Shinden light novels

The likelihood of a Sasuke Retsuden Anime adaptation

  • Sasuke Retsuden manga today claims the number four spot on Manga Plus Most Popular Translated Series. It also outgrew the Boruto chapter that was released on the same date and also the very currently trending last Dragonball Super chapter in Shonen Jump+.

Although on a side note it is likely that Dragonball Super Manga’s return from hiatus will break the Shonen Jump+ services.

Possibility of a Boruto Movie as the new Naruto Anime project

  • The first Boruto movie came out very initially even before the series started to take a roll. Yet the First Boruto movie was almost a Naruto movie. It was canon and adapted into the anime. As such it will do justice to bring a non-cannon movie to the Boruto timeline.

The Sasuke Retsuden manga’s anime adaptation will also fall within the Boruto timescape. Unlike the Shinden series which is more close to the end of Naruto Shippuden.

International Timing for Naruto and Boruto stage presentation in Jump Festa 2023

Naruto Spin-Off Sasuke Shinden Jump Festa 2023
Naruto Spin-Off Sasuke Shinden cover page, via Shueisha

Well before we dive more into it, here are the international times for Jump Festa 2023. courtesy of Sportskeeda anime

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 11:35 pm, Friday, December 16
  • Central Daylight Time: 1:35 am, Saturday, December 17
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 2:35 am, Saturday, December 17
  • British Summer Time: 8:35 am, Saturday, December 17
  • Central European Summer Time: 7:35 am, Saturday, December 17
  • Indian Standard Time: 12:05 pm, Saturday, December 17
  • Philippine Time: 2:35 pm, Saturday, December 17
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 4:05 pm, Saturday, December 17

Why Sasuke Retsuden is the likeliest of all possibilities for a New Naruto Anime reveal in Jump Festa 2023

Sasuke and Sakura
Courtesy of Shonen Jump+

Sasuke Retsuden’s success is an all-high. The first chapter was read over 1 million views in Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ Services. It also saw an average gross of over 250,000 in its sister platform Manga+ which is for a wider, global audience.

The 20th anniversary also saw a tribute PV that gave a montage of the greatest Anime scenes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden throughout the years. The montage was played over a series of most fans’ revered opening songs of the franchise. Rumors soared as people assumed an Anime remake like Dragonball Kai was possible and even likely.

However, we already busted the possibility, that we are more likely to see a Boruto movie than a remake. We did however miss out on the possibility of a Sasuke Retsuden anime adaptation. It still hadn’t been released back when we wrote the article but had only been announced.

The Sasuke Retsuden manga and whatever new information is set for revelation are all actually part of the anniversary campaign that is going on to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Kishimoto’s Naruto franchise. 


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