An upsurge of emotions may have glistened your already aching heart that awaits One Piece Episode 1039′s arrival since last week. One Piece Episode 1039 finally saw the war turning towards in favor of the Straw Hat Pirates. Zoro being heavily injured, Luffy being crushed to the ground, and Yamato facing off against Kaidou don’t remove any zeal from the weekly episode. A steaming Who’s Who fighting Jinbei and Sanji going against Queen is this week’s One Piece highlight 101.

The state of Luffy isn’t great

One Piece Episode 1033 Kaido's Strength
Kaidou beating Luffy at the end of the episode, Via TOEI Animation

After a dismantling battle against the two emperors, the Straw Hats have been feeling quite the pinch. Although Luffy was all back with his advanced Haki forms, he also was done quickly in by Kaidou.

  • This didn’t happen without Kaidou praising Luffy however.
    • Yet in what felt like excitement to a Beast who had never lost in ages, Kaidou quickly turned the sails.
    • The Beast Younko also remarked that whoever has even dared to make things interesting for him always ends up losing.
  • He also thought that perhaps he shouldn’t even let his opponents easy initially if it only ends up giving them hope of something impossible.

Queen faces off against Sanji

Queen is about to attack in one Piece
Queen is about to attack Straw Hats

The turning point in the war comes when Otama orders the army of SMILE warriors to join Luffy and Momonosuke. Poker, Hamlet, Speed, and others rush in to help the Straw Hats.

  • The Gifters joining the Straw Hats is one of the few tactical advantages that may help them turn things in a positive light.
    • Yet the Beast pirates wouldn’t sit quite as things roll.
One Piece Who's Who Otama
Otama orders the Gifters, via Crunchyroll
  • Enraged by the shifting tides, Queen takes a hold when he appears in front of celebrating Nami, Usopp, and Otama. Queen attacks Otama in a fury.

As the fierce pirate is about to unleash his rampage on our heroes, a knight in fiery feet comes saving the day. A Collier Strike blazes through the scene as Sanji makes his dramatic entry.

Queen reveals he was part of MADS that included Vinsmoke Judge, Caesar, and Vegapunk

One Piece Episode 1039 Recap
Sanji comes to save the day, snapped from Crunchyroll
  • Of course, a manly conversation between villains and heroes has never been an outcast in any of One Piece’s battles.
    • Queen confronts Sanji and talks about his history with Vinsmoke Judge, Sanji’s biological father.
  • Queen reveals that he was part of MADS – a group of secret scientific organization that involved Caesar and Vegapunk as well.
OP Episode 1039
Cutu Chopper, via Crunchyroll

Meanwhile, a Baby Geezer Chopper makes his due appearance in One Piece Episode 1039. Having shrunk from his Rumble Ball usage in the previous episode, Chopper is as cute as he can possibly be.

Zoro’s injuries and a possible cure

One Piece 1039 Zoro Who's Who
Dr. Miyagi explains Zoro possible cure, via Crunchyroll
  • In another frame, Dr. Miyagi passes that medicine does exist that can cure Zoro’s injuries. The tribes of minks in Zou have passed on this medicine for generations. Although Dr. Miyagi warns that it will have forbidding side-effects.
  • Zoro understands that this may make him twice as bad later on. But given his broken bones and bandaged self, Zoro has to fight at the most crucial fight of the Straw Hats legacy.

One Piece 1039 reveals that Who’s Who was in the ship carrying Gomu Gomu no Mi

One Piece 1039 Recap Who's Who
Who’s who reveals that he was imprisoned because he failed his duty of protecting the Gomu Gomu no mi, via Därä Rīkø youtube channel

One Piece Episode 1039 also adapts the Jinbe Vs Who’s Who fight.

  • During the fight, Jinbe mentions that his opponent’s fighting style is quite similar to the Government’s Six Powers fighting methods.
    • He also recalls a member of CP9 who had escaped from Prison. Not much to anyone’s surprise yet great a revelation takes place.
  • Who’s Who reveals that he was that very prisoner.
    • The reason why the Government imprisoned him was that he failed to protect a devil fruit in a carrying Navy ship.
    • As it turns out, that ship was carrying the very Gomu Gomu No Mi that Shanks had stolen. It is also the Fruit that Luffy ate, earning him his powers and kick-starting the entire One Piece plot.


One Piece Who's Who
Who’s who vs Jinbe via Därä Rīkø youtube channel

So far Toei Animation has done a fantastic job with One Piece. As such One Piece Episode 1039 surely doesn’t disappoint. Although this episode leaned more toward a talkative phasic blend with actions in between than a packed punch fruity episode. The following One Piece Episode 1040 breaths of air on November 12 which should feature more of Kaidou going against Yamato. How did you like this episode? Comment down below.

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