One Piece 1087: Additional Spoilers | Leaked

One Piece 1087: Additional Spoiler and new Leaks

After a month-long wait One Piece is back in action and so is the fan’s curiosity for the leaks of upcoming One Piece chapter 1087. Earlier this day we posted an article covering the early leaks of One Piece 1087, but guess what? We already have more spoilers for One Piece 1087.  In this article, you will find the release date, new additional spoiler leaks, and a recap of previous One Piece Chapter 1087 spoilers.

Without wasting any more time, let us jump into it! Are you excited to dive right into this One Piece manga chapter 1087? Proceed at your own risk because this page includes significant spoilers!

One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoilers
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One Piece Chapter 1087 Spoiler Recap

Earlier today, we posted an article discussing and analyzing the leaks from One Piece Chapter 1087. As we tried to dig deeper, or should I say swim, deeper in the oceans of One Piece world, we were able to land our hands on additional leaks for One Piece Chapter 1087. Before diving into them, let’s look at what happened in this episode in the earlier leaks.

  • The new upcoming chapter of One Piece 1087 is titled “Battleship Bag”. In the previous chapters of One Piece 1085 and 1086, we saw the focus on Imu and we also learned the powers of the Five Elders commonly known as Gorosei.
  • Later we see in this chapter that an intense battle ignites between two of the greatest fighters in One Piece world, Garp and Kuzan.
  • Lastly, we see Garp being stabbed by Shiryu as he tries to defend Koby and the chapter ends with Garp lying on the ground after a battle with Kuzan.

One Piece Chapter 1087 New additional Spoilers Leak

Now that we had a quick recap of the spoilers of One Piece chapter 1087, let’s dive further into the new additional leaks that got released earlier today:

  • Garp shows an extreme upper hand against most of the Blackbeard Pirates. This list includes Shiryu, Pizzaro, Vasco Shot, etc. Honestly, in our opinion we expected it. This superiority matches the stature Garp holds in the One Piece universe.
  • Garp boasts this strength further as in the chapter he smashes Shiryu to the ground with a single punch when Shiryu was trying to sneak attack Garp. It’s funny how Shiryu thought that was a good idea!
  • One Piece Chapter 1087 takes an interesting turn when the chapter ends with Garp lying on the ground. Although, it is still not clear if he was defeated or not.

This Chapter has already made us so excited for its release, and we can see many things happening. Keep an eye on this post for further spoilers and leaked information for One Piece Chapter 1087.

Release date of One Piece Chapter 1087

One Piece Chapter 1087’s release date is July 18th, 2023 (midnight JST). For further information about this, visit this article.

If you have any questions regarding the additional spoiler leaks and the release date of One Piece Chapter 1087, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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