One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers
One Piece Chapter 1084 explores Imu and Alabasta's history (Image via Toei Animation)

Eiichiro Oda has been putting out masterpieces recently in the form of One Piece Chapters. There have been numerous plot twits and increasing mysteries in the recent chapters of the series. However, after the release of One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers, more mysteries have unfolded in the story.

The recent chapters of One Piece have all been situated in varying places around the world, covering almost all the major characters in the series. Chapter 1079 was the finale of Shanks vs Kidd, 1080 revealed Garp’s Conqueror’s Haki and Chapter 1081 had Garp vs Aokiji unfolding. However, the situation started moving towards an ominous war as the Revolutionary Army declares strife against the infamous and all-powerful Celestial Dragons in Chapter 1083. However, Chapter 1084 revealed some essential details about Alabasta as Cobra has a chat with the Gorosei, where Imu makes an appearance finally.

One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers reveal Imu’s connection to Alabasta

The Chapter begins with Rob Lucci grabbing Vivi’s arms and telling her that he has to keep her confined inside the Pangea Castle. He also reveals that he is aware of Luffy and the Straw Hats’ involvement in Alabasta.

The Chapter begins with Cobra conversing with the Gorosei about Queen Lily. She was one of the 20 founders of the world, and the queen of Alabasta, the alliance which formed over 800 years ago. The descendants of these kingdoms became the Celestial Dragons that we know now. However, Queen Lily refused to become a Celestial Dragon.

  • After her refusal, she was banished from Marie Jois. After all, it is a “holy” place reserved only for the Celestial Dragons. This is what Cobra wanted to know. He wants to know where did she go from the Gorosei. However, they reply that they do not know about her whereabouts.

The scene shifts from Gorosei’s room to the scene of Charlos capturing Shirahoshi. He wants to enslave her as he wants a mermaid for the show. However, Sai and Leo defeat him and save her from his ominous clutches. Meanwhile, Bartholomew Kuma is finally free as Morley from the Revolutionary Army breaks into Marie Jois and saves him from slavery.

Imu arrives, revealing a connection with Alabasta

At the end of One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers, we finally witness the arrival of Imu, the ruler of the entire world. Even the Gorosei bows their head in Imu’s presence. Imu’s gender or identity is still unknown to everyone, even the fans as their existence is one of the biggest secrets of the World Government. No one knows about them, as the world considers Gorosei as the leader. The world believes in the idea of not having a single ruler.

This is why it was immensely surprising that Imu shows themself to Cobra. Not only that, Imu mentioned “Lily…” at the end of the chapter, indicating a clear link between them and Queen Lily. This raises a lot of questions.

  • If Imu is aware of Queen Lily and refers to her on a first-name basis, this would make Imu more than 800 years old. With this theory, her existence might be an even deeper mystery than we expect. This is also a clear indication that Imu is related to Alabasta’s past as they might have some idea about Queen Lily, and what happened to her after the incident.

As mentioned earlier, the latest One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers have raised a lot of questions as numerous mysteries appear yet again. As we move forward toward the final saga, fans are demanding answers to all the mysteries agglomerated throughout history.

This was everything to know about the One Piece Chapter 1084 spoilers. There should be more spoilers appearing on the internet as the day goes by. Moreover, there will be a break next week. Hence, Chapter 1085 will release after 2 weeks, instead of the next week.

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