One Piece Chapter 1085 full spoilers and raw scans recap

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1085 surfaced on the internet yesterday as the recent events have just added up the unsolved mysteries in the series. However, they were not all. The detailed spoilers have finally come up today on Twitter as we explore the events in the chapter much more clearly.

In Chapter 1085, we witness the death of Cobra, the King of Alabasta. Although his death was already imminent from Chapter 1083, the sudden turn of events is something to discuss. Moreover, Imu has given some important information about the family of D, as Vivi is revealed to be a part of it. Hence there is a lot more content in One Piece Chapter 1085 as the detailed spoilers are out. Keep reading we go through all of it.

One Piece Chapter 1085 spoilers complete recap

The chapter starts where the last chapter ended. At the end of the previous chapter, Cobra wanted to know about the first queen of Alabasta, Queen Lily. Finally, Imu has begun conversing, revealing some essential details.

  • Cobra is surprised at Imu’s sight as he cannot believe his eyes. Meanwhile, Imu wants to say “two things” and ask “one question” to Cobra. However, Cobra cannot hold in his curiosity and mentions that he has heard Imu’s name. Unfazed by this declaration, for now, Imu starts to mention a few details about the “family of the D.”
  • Imu mentions that “people of the D” were their enemies in the past (a reference to being the enemies of the gods). However, the recent Ds do not understand the significance of their names. Moreover, there are scholars who want to find the truth about the Void Century and the Poneglyphs (like Nico Robin). According to Imu, all of this is Queen Lily’s fault.
  • According to Imu, it was Lily’s fault that the Poneglyphs were spread all over the world 800 years ago. However, Imu adds that it was their suspicion that this was a deliberate plan and not a mistake.

Cobra’s fate is sealed as Sabo is revealed

Once Imu finished her speech, all of the five elders pointed their guns at Cobra. They mentioned that his fate was sealed the moment he laid his eyes on Imu.

  • Meanwhile, Imu wants to know the full name of the sender of Lily’s letter. Cobra replies that her full name was “Nefertari D. Lily.” Imu is a bit surprised a black shadow appears behind Cobra and stabs him. This is when Sabo reveals himself and shoots fire in Imu’s direction. This is when Imu transforms into a hue monster with fangs and swallows Sabo’s fire.
  • The Five Elders transform into huge creatures as we see their silhouettes. Every elder appears to have varying Devil Fruit powers, probably Mythical Zoans like Kaido.  Understanding that he is in a disadvantageous position, Sabo grabs Cobra and runs out of the throne room. Meanwhile, Cobra asks Sabo to tell Vivi and Luffy that “We all are D as well.” 
  • Cobra sacrifices himself as he is killed by Imu’s black arrow attack, to let Sabo escape. He dies with the final words “Raise the flag of dawn to the World.”

Vivi and Wapol escape together

Wapol witnesses everything through a hole in the wall as Imu spots him. Sensing the danger he is in, he runs for his life by eating through the walls. Alas, he falls into a room where CP0 has kept Vivi captive. She takes the opportunity of the chaos caused as she grabs Wapol and runs away with him.

This is where the chapter ends. As always it was a pretty exhilarating chapter with much to ponder about. As fans of the series, we all love a bit of theory and analysis, and this is probably what we will do for the upcoming week, until the spoilers for the next chapter drop.