Luffy vs Kaidou

If you’ve been an ardent follower of Oda’s greatest creation, you would know of Luffy and his Gear 5 transformation comes during Luffy vs Kaidou. Here’s our One Piece Episode 1041 recap of the anime as it is starting to set us up for the same, although it will still take quite a while before we get Sun God Nika. 

One Piece Manga is already ahead of the anime, which is natural whenever something like adapting one of the longest-running Manga is involved for a studio. If you have noticed, One Piece Anime’s adaptation of the manga is quite slow. One episode equates to adapt about one chapter from the Manga.

Why Kaidou’s wish to be defeated is going to be fulfilled in the coming One Piece Episodes

One Piece Episode 1033 Kaido Luffy vs Kaidou
Kaido in Episode 1033, courtesy of Toei Animation

Since One Piece Episode 1039 we have been witnessing three fierce battles simultaneously. For the uninitiated, Kaidou has beaten Luffy to a pulp and thrown him into the water.

  1. It is also notable that Kaidou did this with a smug on his face. The beast younko also claimed that whenever he has allowed his enemy some slack, they have made the grave mistake of being overconfident. Kaidou tragically remarked to himself that he should have gone full-strength from the right beginning. This way Luffy wouldn’t have had dreams of winning against Kaidou.
  2. Interestingly the reason he mentions this is not because Luffy got overconfident, but because Kaidou did too. Kaidou for a brief while considered the possibility that maybe Luffy is finally the nemesis that will bring him down. Weak people suffer, but so do the strong. The strong, according to Kaidou, suffer from strength. Something Saitama from One Punch Man would relate to. 

Luffy vs Kaidou will yet again continue

Luffy is saved by Heart Pirates
Luffy in Heart Pirates ship, screengrab courtesy of Crunchyroll

At the end of Episode 1038, we saw what seemed to be Kaidou vs Luffy battle’s conclusion. The fight ended with Luffy going down the ocean depth. But spoiler alert here – this was only a semi-conclusion.

    • Imagine it to be half-time for a game that is yet to be finished. Spoiler alert again, Kaidou wasn’t wrong when he said he may finally face defeat this time when faced against Luffy. It is yet to happen.

One Piece Episode 1041 Recap: Luffy to return to eventually unlock Gear 5

Luffy on his way to gear 5
Luffy is saved by heart pirates,screengrab courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • In One Piece Episode 1041 Luffy is shown being rescued by the Heart Pirates which is led by Trafalgar D. Law. Luffy has been resuscitated by the heart pirates. Our hero finally seemed to gain his consciousness back after almost drowning to death.
  • As it stands, Luffy will get up for his round 2 with Kaidou soon. Currently, Kaidou is battling an angered Yamato, Kaidou’s son. Kaidou asks Yamato to first become the shogun of the Wano region, which Yamato declines. Then he asks Yamato to stay by his side. But the latter is hell-bent on defying his father, as the two prepare to engage in a fierce zoan-transformed battle.

Here are the other things brewing as Toei sets up Luffy’s ascension

One Piece Episode 1041 continues with Queen overtaking Sanji

one piece episode 1041 Sanji vs Queen
Sanji battles Queen, image courtesy of Crunchyroll
  • One Piece Episode 1041 also took Sanji vs Queen a step further. The former had earlier invaded Otama, Nami, Usopp, and Chopper. Right before he’s about to land an attack in his zoan animal form, Sanji has blasted through.
  • This happened back in One Piece Episode 1039, and the battle has steadily continued til now. This episode completely sees our beloved cook of the Strawhats take fierce blows from Kaidou’s closest confidant.

Zoro gears up to join Sanji in defeating Queen

One Piece 1039 Zoro
Dr. Miyagi explains Zoro possible cure, via Crunchyroll
  • Continuing the tradition from previous episodes, Zoro on the other hand finally decides to take the hard pill. Or in this case, a syringe (much hated in the anime world, think Goku!).
  • Dr. Miyagi had already informed Zoro that the effects of the medicine only last temporarily, after which his body would be torn apart twice as badly.
    • In simpler terms, it’s a Senzu Bean that repels all the damage after it’s completely absorbed in the body. (Or maybe this was even more complex).

How the War is turning around in One Piece Episode 1041

Kaidou vs Yamato Luffy vs Kaidou in One Piece 1041 recap
Yamato fights Kaidou, screengrab courtesy of Crunchyroll
  1. One Piece Episode 1041 sees a complete turnaround of the Wano War. The Straw Hat Alliance has been joined by the Gifters after Otama commanded them to do so. As it stands, in the last episode 1041, Otama also caused almost two thousand of the fighting crews to change sides.
  2. How we know this is by a CP0 members discussion, which is Oda’s way of keeping the audiences well informed. The CP0 members mentioned that Otama’s actions have increased Straw Hats Alliance’s numbers from five thousand up to a whopping nine thousand. Whereas 30 thousand of Kaidou’s Beast Pirates have been reduced now to some 14 thousand only.

Franky and his Iron-Man suit against Sasaki

Luffy vs Kaidou in One Piece EPisode 1041
Franky vs Sasaki, screengrab courtesy of Crunchyroll

Meanwhile, we also have Franky in his hulk-buster (from Avengers) equivalent Franky General robot suit fighting Tobiroppo Sasaki. As Gifters start helping Franky, he gains an upper hand in fighting the beast pirates. Sasaki’s engagements look like changing into a hybrid human-beast form. In it, he is half human half Triceratops. That’s too much dinosaurs for our logic but he begins to fly nonetheless. The battle then proceeds to Sasaki vs Franky with the former attacking aerially.

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