One Piece fans debate on Shanks having a twin brother after Oda’s censored interview surfaces the internet amidst Chapter 1083 spoilers

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1083 have just been released today. However, just like any other chapter, this too returns with imminent theories from the entire fandom. One such instance was the silhouette of a Holy Knight that resembled Shanks.

The shadowy figure from the raw scans has sparked a healthy debate in the fandom. An age-old theory of Shanks has to be rejuvenated amidst the frenzy. Moreover, to follow all this up, a censored interview of Oda describing Shanks has also surfaced on Twitter. A lot is going on regarding the latest leaks about One Piece Chapter 1083. Hence, keep reading as this article throws light upon the exact details of this theory.

One Piece Chapter 1083 spoilers: Exploring the reason behind this debate

One of the panels in the raw scans of One Piece Chapter 1083 has revealed the Holy Knights that work directly under the World Government as their strongest force. However, one of the shadowy silhouettes heavily resembles Shanks. The outfit and the style of keeping the sword have all pointed out at Shanks. Therefore, the fans wonder if Shanks has a twin brother who works for the World Government as a Holy Knight. Previously in One Piece, there was also a meeting between Gorosei and Shanks to which both the parties voluntarily agreed amicably. Thus, the relationship between Shanks and the World Government is an immense mystery in One Piece.

Moreover, some recent leaks about one of Oda’s interviews have also surfaced on the internet. In the tweet above, Oda clearly gives out an essential key detail about Shanks’ speed of reaching the Paramount War, and also not having scars in a few panels. The answer was later censored by the organizers, apparently to prevent some essential details to be spilled out. However, Oda answers the question by saying that he tends “to forget to draw scars.”

Fans’ reactions to this piece of news

Fans have been reacting actively over this matter as the entire fandom is stoked with the developments in One Piece Chapter 1083 spoilers. Everyone had already suspected Shanks of having some connections with the World Government, Gorosei, and the Celestial Dragons. Thus, this new revelation aligns with the previous theories regarding Shanks.


Although it is impossible to predict Oda’s genius mind about One Piece developments, fans are open to theorizing all along. However, if Shanks is somehow connected to the World Government, this will just intensify the theories of Shanks being a villain instead of a friendly pirate. Hence, a lot can be inferred from these leaks, and it looks like Shanks will be one of the most significant characters who change the future of One Piece.

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