One Piece film Rocks: God Valley – What we know so far

In what appeared to be 2021’s greatest April Fools’ joke for the anime fandom, masses on the internet witnessed a trailer of One Piece Film Rocks: God Valley. Or more simply titled One Piece Film: Rocks in the subreddit /onepiece. The joke featured a trailer that opened to a great Toei Animation montage followed by a Japanese voice-over that mentions the Rocks Pirates word.

What One Piece Film Rocks: God Valley is all about

Next One Piece Film Rocks: God Valley
Sengoku explains the God Valley incident to Navy Vice Admirals referring that the three former emperors namely Edward Newgate Whitebeard, Kaidou of the beast pirates, Charlotte Linlin Big Mom were part of the Rock Pirates, courtesy of MarcoThePhoenix Youtube channel

The joke disappointed and at the same time entertained a wave of people with accentuating emotions. The trailer that opened with a very serious Japanese voice dub soon turned into a compilation of Rick Roll, Mario, and One Piece meme videos.

  • Between one second of reading the title and 5 seconds into the video, many notably had their first heartbreak. But the joke was not at all bad.
  • It was very realistic, and likely even. No, One Piece Film Rocks: God Valley is not an official title.

It was a joke, but a joke that is the likeliest of all possibilities for a canon movie in One Piece. Today, almost a year and a half later, we ask the question – Is One Piece Film Rocks possible? Here’s what do we know about God Valley in One Piece so far that could inspire a One Piece film on Rocks D. Xebec. 

Introducing Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec was history’s most brutal, ruthless, beast-like pirate criminal whose goal was not to become the king of pirates but that of the world itself. Rocks D. Xebec carried the Will of the D just like Straw Hat Luffy does or anyone with D in their name for that matter.

  • From the tales of his exploits as told by former Navy Fleet Admiral Sengoku this much is evident that the man listened to no one.
  • On multiple occasions, Eiichiro Oda has shown how different characters have hated Rocks.
    • Both Charlotte Linlin and Kaidou of the Beast Pirates were the former subordinates of Rocks. The now two former emperors of the sea (Younko) were the crew of the Rocks pirate who was hell-bent on conquering the world. 

Rocks pirates was a gathering of ruthless brutes

Next One Piece Film
Monkey D. Garp as shown in the God Valley incident flashback, via MarcoThePhoenix Youtube Channel

In Kaidou’s dreams, it was shown that his relationship with Rocks was very hostile. Even Linlin mentions it poorly of Rocks. As such this much is evident that Rocks pirates were not a family get-together like the Strawhats. Instead, they must have been a gathering of the most ruthless brutes on the planet.

  • A One Piece Film Rocks could come from the lores that Oda has spewed throughout the years. Currently, as it stands, the story of One Piece God Valley is one of the most famous tales that are yet to be explored.
  • The tale of God Valley in One Piece holds similar importance, if not more, than the void century, the poneglyph, Laughtale Island, or even the ancient weapons.

Why the next film in the franchise could be One Piece Film Rocks: God Valley

One Piece Film Rocks: God Valley
Sengoku explains how Rogers collaborated with Marines and Monkey D. Garp

One Piece Film Rocks: God Valley is a very likely possibility now that One Piece Film Red has become Japan’s one of the highest-grossing film of this year. We already discussed how Oda should give up on the non-canon films for a while.

Oda ought to deliver us something more canon, something that’s part of the main story. Not some half-assed bulls*it that pull some random character out of nowhere. But a film that actually bases itself on the lore of the world in One Piece.

At this point, there is no better or more pivotal story than God Valley in One Piece. And as naturally as it goes, a One Piece God Valley movie must involve Rocks D. Xebec. 

The famous God Valley incident in One Piece must make the best Canon Film of the decade in Anime Category

Rocks D. Xebec in One Piece
Rocks D. Xebec, via MarcoThePhoenix Youtube Channel

For the uninitiated, Xebec was part of the infamous God Valley incident. The God Valley incident happened much prior to when Rogers became the king of the pirates. I already mentioned that Rocks was a ruthless brute. Oda has shown throughout the flashbacks that Rocks ambition of world domination naturally made the Celestial Dragons his enemies. Unlike all the other pirates, Rocks in One Piece was hardly scared of the world nobles.

The God Valley incident saw the gathering of world nobles where Xebec planned on assassinating them. In an effort to stop their force, the navy was forced to take help of the Roger pirates. In perhaps what was One Piece history’s greatest moment ever, Monkey D. Garp collaborated with Gold D. Rogers to eliminate the Rocks pirate for good.

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