One Piece Sanji
What is Sanji's new power up? (Image via Toei Animation)

Sanji is one of the most vital members of the Strawhat Pirates and is a part of the Monster Trio alongside Luffy and Zoro. He is not only a powerful fighter but also a first-rate cook. Thus, he is a very important character in all One Piece. 

He is extremely intelligent too. He can bring out great strategies and can bail out other members of the group from dire situations. All his abilities have helped him to acquire a bounty of 1.032 billion berries on his head, from the World Government. In the recent Wano Kuni arc, he finally unlocked his hidden latent abilities which saw a change in his eyebrows.

Through this article, you will Sanji’s eyebrows are related to his powers:

Sanji’s eyebrows: Unlocking his hidden powers in One Piece

Lineage Factor

5 Vinsmoke siblings
The five Vinsmoke siblings, with Sanji on the left (Image via Shueisha)

Sanji was born to Vinsmoke Judge and Sora, as one of their five children. His father, Judge was an expert scientist and also a great fighter. Along with Vegapunk, he developed the Lineage Factor. It is similar to the mechanism of DNA in real life.

Vinsmoke Judge was ambitious to take control of North Blue once again in One Piece, thus he needed strong soldiers who were practically warheads. He altered the Lineage Factor of his children while Sora was pregnant to make them killing machines. But this process would strip all the children of their emotions and feelings too.

His wife, Sora was vehemently against this decision. She took a drug to reverse this mutation which would take a huge toll on her body. It did not work on anyone, except Sanji. He was born as a normal human child. This also made him weaker than all of his siblings, and a subject of constant abuse from everyone except his sister Reiju and his mother Sora in One Piece.

Awakening of his hidden powers

One piece Sanji
Sanji vs Queen (Image via Sheisha, credits of Eichiro Oda)

Through the years after learning his fighting style, and mastering the Observation and Armament Haki, Sanji has become a powerful unit. He even mastered fighting with the Germa Raid Suit. But all that was not enough to beat Queen, third in command of the Animal Kingdom Pirates.

Being in this pinch and overwhelmed with emotions, Sanji awakened his powers. His body was already reacting weirdly after being in the Raid Suit three times. It underwent a biological mutation that brought out his sealed-off Vinsmoke powers. Powers that would multiply his latent abilities by several times by utilizing his Lineage Factor. Sanji who was already powerful before in One Piece is now stronger than any of his siblings.

Sanji became a “Warrior of Science” in this fight against Queen. He gained an indestructible exoskeleton, regenerative powers, more muscle mass, more destructive capabilities, and an overall boost to all his stats.

Changes in his eyebrows

In One Piece, Sanji’s weird twirly eyebrows were always a point of laughter for other people. But little did the fans know, Oda had something else in his genius plans. Sanji’s eyebrows are a result of the mutation he undergoes during his birth. Thus he, along with his siblings, all have the same kind of twirly eyebrows.

But Sanji’s eyebrows faced a different way than his siblings. This was a sign that he was the only one not affected by the mutation of his Lineage Factor. But during the fight against Queen when he unlocks his powers, his eyebrows go backward, facing outward just like his siblings.

Has anyone noticed how Sanji’s eyebrow curls changed. from OnePiece

This is an indication that when Sanji is in this “Warrior of Science” state, he apparently becomes emotionless just like his siblings. He is devasted by this fact and even asks Zoro to kill him if he does not remain the same.

One Piece and Sanji’s eyebrows: Final thoughts

Even though Sanji was afraid that he might lose his emotions completely, it appears that these are his source of strength. Like in the recent manga chapters of Egghead Island, he awakened his powers again which was a result of overwhelming emotions. After he saw Nami in danger of getting killed by Seraphim Jinbe, he became the “Warrior of Science” again to save her.

Thus it is a great way for Oda to indicate to the fans Sanji’s current self and how has become a total war machine, without losing his emotions. Rather his emotions are something that gives him strength.

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