The greatest thing going for the One Piece World Seeker game was its open-world reveal in the trailer. But as things unfolded it also turned out to be the game’s biggest downfall.  criticism was quick to reach Bandai Namco who published the game, and especially so for Ganbarion the game’s developers. Today we uprightly await further glimpses of One Piece Odyssey Gameplay (Not Assassin’s Creed). Also, One Piece Odyssey Water 7 is real.

One Piece Odyssey releases in early 2023. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S on January 13, 2023. The latest reveal trailer of this ILCA-developed game teased a return back to the infamous Enies Lobby arc of the original One Piece storyline.

But how is the game going to pull it off? If the game features the original Enies Lobby, why are the Strawhats in their post-time skip attire? We got you covered.

A brief on One Piece Odyssey gameplay

One Piece Odyssey Gameplay
via Bandai Namco Entertainment

The nature of One Piece Odyssey gameplay still remains unhinged and unclear. Bandai Namco has done well to retain vital information to keep teasing the fans more and more.

  1. As of now, we do know that it will be turn-based combat and exploration-type gameplay.
  2. Meaning that players will be able to roam around in a limited semi-open world setting. The publishers are not selling this one as an Open World RPG, although there are typical elements of it within the game. It is more along the lines of open-area navigation.

The premise of One Piece Odyssey Storyline

Water 7
Rob Lucci vs Luffy in the teaser, via Bandai Namco Entertainment

The basic premise of the game is similar. Based on pre-wholecake island storyline, the One Piece Odyssey will feature a whole set of new characters, designs, and areas. The publishers have let fans know how Oda himself has supervised the character and monster designs.

  • The premise is as such that the Strawhats drift apart into an ocean storm. Shipwrecked and marooned, the Strawhats are scattered on a mysterious new island.
    • The players will likely start off controlling Luffy with the goal of reuniting his scattered crewmates.

What is better than One Piece World Seeker?

As the recent teasers have revealed, the game will not be as limited as One Piece World Seeker. Fans attest the reason for the previous games’ downfall was its big claims and inversely proportionate lack of budget to pull off the same.

  • This time, Bandai Namco has learned from its previous downfall. It seems ILCA is dedicated to a good game. They have reportedly made the entire 3D models from scratch down.

Will One Piece Odyssey be based on the past?

One Piece Odyssey Water 7
Rob Lucci in the trailer via Bandai Namco
  • The primary gameplay will be based on the island of Waford. The island will feature a host of amazing things to interact with, including terrains and possible wildlife.
  • However, the game should at one point introduce some mystical elements, which will transport our heroes into a memory bank of sorts.

So no, the game does not begin in the past story. It takes an original route, telling a new story. It takes you back to the past in the sense that the Strawhats transport into a memory world of the past.

Dragonball Xenoverse did something familiar

The return to past trope is not quite used in games based on big franchises like One Piece or Naruto but it isn’t unheard of.

  • Dragonball did it in Xenoverse where the player revisited old tales of Goku and his battle in Namek, all the way up to Buu Saga.
    • Personally, I am more of a fan of a non-original story-based game. Imagine Dragonball Kakarot, in which you progress through the story as if you’re watching the series itself.
    • There’s this huge connection with the past characters which doesn’t get boring no matter how many times you play the same story.

How will Water 7 arc return in the One Piece Odyssey gameplay?

One Piece Odyssey Gameplay
Robin feels nostalgic at the sight of where she was kept in Enies in Lobby in the past, via Bandai Namco Entertainment

With the One Piece Odyssey’s new teaser trailer, it hints at Water 7 return. The island on which Luffy and his friends end up will probably lead to some secret vault. The official statements describe that Luffy will lead his crewmates into a dream world that is made up of the collective memories of his crew’s journeys.

As such Alabasta and Water 7 are already confirmed. Skypiea arc has also been hinted at, resulting in a possible return of the infamous Enel. (Not A*al, mind you).


The latest glimpse at the One Piece Odyssey trailer introduces the game arc that is based on The Water Seven saga. Unlike One Piece World Seeker, Odyssey will feature multiple playable ‘chapters’. While it should begin in Waford, it will proceed to the dreamy memory scape containing Alabasta and Water 7 stories. Fans’ beloved princess Vivi Nefertari is also confirmed to be making a return to the game.

The trailer showcases familiar locations such as Gallery-La Company. It also showed glimpses of CP9 members – Rob Lucci and Kaku whom Luffy and hang fought during the original Water 7 Saga. The trailer also gives a tribute to Robin who was captured by CP9 in Water 7. The entire point of Luffy going to Enies Lobby was to save Robin after all. 

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