One Piece: When will Luffy meet Dragon?

One Piece When will Luffy meet Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon, leader of the Revolutionary Army and the infamous “World’s Worst Criminal”, has been curiously absent from his son Luffy’s life. Yet their long-awaited reunion seems inevitable. Given that the series is heading towards its finale, fans have been wondering. When will Luffy meet Dragon?

Father-Son Reunion

Many speculate that Dragon may appear sometime during the One Piece Final Saga, as the pieces move into place for the grand climax of the story. His revolutionary forces seem poised to make their big move against the World Government. As Luffy’s own clash with the global powers draws near, Dragon could finally take a more active role and find himself in a position to fight alongside his son (or perhaps against?)

  • So far, neither father nor son has shown much interest in an intentional reunion. They acknowledge each other’s existence and capabilities and that’s it.
  • Luffy is focused on his goal to become Pirate King and to find the One Piece, while Dragon is occupied with toppling global powers and the World Government.
  • Their fated meeting may simply happen by chance when their paths unintentionally cross due to a common goal.

Luffy and Dragon’s Relationship

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Luffy in One Piece [Image via Toei Animation]
When Garp first mentioned Dragon to Luffy, he was totally ignorant about his father’s actions and status as a Revolutionary. Even after that, he pretty much didn’t care much about him and was focused on his goal of becoming the Pirate King. The same applies to Dragon as well.

Dragon chose not to be a part of his son Luffy’s life, entrusting Luffy’s care to his grandfather, Monkey D. Garp. Luffy’s first glimpse of Dragon’s visage came from reading about the destruction of Baltigo. While Luffy did acknowledge his father’s role in the Revolutionary Army’s troubles, his focus leaned more toward his sworn brother Sabo.

Familial Bonds

Dragon isn’t totally ignorant when it comes to his son. Dragon’s involvement in Luffy’s life also became evident when he intervened to rescue Luffy from the clutches of Smoker in Loguetown.

The narrative hints at an eventual reunion between father and son, suggesting that Dragon might anticipate reuniting with Luffy in the future, further cementing his supportive stance toward Luffy’s path as a pirate.

  • Observations by Ivankov revealed Dragon’s consistent gaze towards the East Blue, hinting at a possible connection to family there.
  • Despite their physical distance, Dragon seems to demonstrate nothing but support for Luffy’s pirate journey, albeit subtly.
  • Notably, Dragon expressed a rather convoluted approval of Luffy’s decision to become a pirate during the Loguetown arc. We might history repeat itself in One Piece Final Saga.


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Garp in One Piece [Image via Toei Animation]
Dragon’s aspirations for Luffy might extend to global shifts if he hopes that Luffy’s piratical exploits would contribute to reshaping the world. However, based on what we know about Dragon, it’s pretty obvious that he’d rather prefer Luffy to live his own life on his own terms rather than involving as a pawn in his politics.

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