Who are the Lunarians in One Piece
Who are the Lunarians in One Piece? (Image via Toei Animation)

With the finale of the Zoro vs King showdown in Episode 1062 of One Piece, revelations about the Lunarian race have come forward yet again. Eiichiro Oda has diversified the world immaculately as there are new races coming forth even now. Hence, fans have been wanting to know more about King’s race and its history.

The only survivor of the lost race is King, the second-in-command of the Animal Kingdom Pirates. Already a fan-favorite character, fans were thrilled to know that he is from a prestigious clan from the past. However, there is a lot to wrap your head around. Hence, keep reading as we dive deep into King’s lineage and the Lunarian race in One Piece.

Who are the Lunarians in One Piece?

To begin with, the Lunarians were known as the “gods” of the One Piece world while they existed. During the Wano arc, Marco revealed Whitebeard mentioned this information to his crew members.

  • The former First Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates revealed that many centuries ago, the Lunarians were known as the real gods of the world as they resided atop the Red Line. This is the place where the current Marie Jois is located right now.
  • However, there is no trace of the Lunarians aside from King who has surprisingly survived all the events that eliminated his forefathers.

How did the Lunarian race go extinct in One Piece?

Lunarian One Piece
King as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha, Eiichiro Oda)

Although much information is not yet available regarding the Lunarians, it is highly likely that they disappeared during the rise of the World Government 800 years ago.

  • Oda has not failed to mention repeatedly that the government has removed years of history from the world. Hence, it is likely that the Lunarians were also eliminated by the World Government in their mass purge of the Ancient Kingdom.
  • When King revealed his face for the first time in One Piece, even his crew members were astonished. According to them, anyone who could give the government any sort of information about the Lunarians would receive 100 million berries. Hence, it is evident that there is some mystery conjoined to it. The World Government wants to make sure that all Lunarians are eradicated.

Features of the Lunarian Race in One Piece


The Lunarians were gods of the previous world. Hence, they have some pretty striking features. Although some people might call them similar to the Skypeians, they have much larger wings than them. Moreover, their wings are pitch black in color.

  • Most races in One Piece that have wings, cannot really use them to fly. However, the Lunarians do not fall under this category. Alongside their superhuman physical abilities, they can also fly at high speeds. Moreover, they have a brownish skin color, with white hair, which differentiates them from any other race in One Piece.
  • However, the most striking feature of all is the giant flame that perpetually burns atop their backs. It never stops burning as we can see during all the fights between King and the Straw Hats.

How strong are the Lunarians in One Piece?

As is already evident through King’s battle against Zoro, the Lunarians are extremely powerful. They are easily one of the strongest races in the entire series.

  • Their wings enable them to fly at immensely high speeds without losing a bit of stamina. Adding to this, they have superhuman strength and absurd durability. According to Queen, the Lunarians are unfazed even by Armament Haki-clad attacks and can survive the most extreme conditions.
  • However, this is based on the flame that burns atop their backs. As long as the flame is alive, no form of attack can pierce through their body. Although, when their flame goes out, they become vulnerable to attacks like any other. However, in exchange, they gain immense which, which is unimaginably faster than anything in One Piece.

Their strength is so immeasurable that the World Government did experiments on them and created the Seraphim clones, based on their abilities. These clones of the Seven Warlords are some of the biggest threats, the Straw Hats have ever encountered. Hence, as the manga is nearing its end, we will surely come to know more about the Lunarian race in the future.

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