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There are hardly any who have not been blown away by the hysterically (although beautifully) crafted fictional world of ONE. With the staggering works, namely One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 which have been received tremendously in the anime community, ONE is all set for another voyage with Azuma Kyoutarou. A new manga named Versus shall be released on November 26, 2022.

Was One Punch Man creator’s signature?

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The Japanese author Tomihiro pseudo-named ONE first started putting out his webcomics in Shintosha. It was an online platform for creators to upload their work for free. The rest is history as the Japanese internet took a turn in sponging the best out of One Punch Man. Soon ONE’s work reached Yusuke Murata known for his illustration of the American football manga Eyeshield 21.

 Fascinated by the world of One Punch Man and its character building, Yusuke wanted to recreate One Punch Man. The popular mangaka ended up working together with Tomihiro to eventually produce the digital manga of One Punch Man.

The One Punch Man creator will collaborate with Azuma Kyoutarou for the new manga series

Azuma Kyoutarou One Punch Man creator
Cover of Tenkaichi, courtesy of Myanimelist

Today you can hold your seats as ONE is planning a new manga. Unlike previous times, ONE no longer needs to reach out free public publishing platforms. The mangaka’s fame has taken him quite some miles.

Collaborating with ONE as the lead artist is Azuma Kyoutarou who had previously worked in illustrations in the mangas Tenkaichi and King of Fighters: A New Beginning.

What will Versus by One be about?

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 168 Garou
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Multiple leaks confirm similarities of the premise with Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui’s Record of Ragnarok where 13 human warriors battle against 13 elder gods. The plot premise sets a battle fantasy.

  • It sounds atypical of certain Isekai niches where the hero is called forth to fight the rising of the demon lord. It is the age-old fantasy against demon lord adventure. Yet if you think about it, ONE’s previous adventures weren’t that different premise-wise.
  • A story about a hero in a world full of monsters and hero organizations. Another is about an esper in a world where psychic phenomena are real.

The story of Versus will feature a tournament-type setting where 47 human warriors will compete in a battle of attrition, wits, with life on their lines against 47 demons.

Azuma Kyoutarou’s role in One Punch Man creator’s new manga

Azuma Kyoutarou One Punch Manga Creator

Azuma Kyoutarou is the rising industry’s newest face. His most famous work is Tenkaichi and Sakura Brigade series which ended recently. Ever since 2014, Kyoutarou has published himself as an artist immensely interested in the action/battle genre. He adopted a manga based on The King of Fighters video game series.

Azuma Kyoutarou’s previous works are similar to the alleged premise of One’s new manga

If one is to look at the premise so far collected on the internet regarding One’s latest work, it is heavily similar to previous works by Azuma. Tenkaichi for example told the story of the competition to become the successor of Oda Nobunaga.

  • The historical figure’s fictional story told of Nobunaga’s wishes, that he said whoever produces the strongest warrior shall become his successor. The entire plot revolves around hired mercenaries and warriors of warlords competing for the top of the hierarchy.
  • KOF manga also similarly told of warriors who gathered from the globe to find who’s the strongest.

Azuma will be more than just an illustrator

From this, we can draw that Azuma Kyoutarou is not simply the illustrator of the manga. Unlike Yusuke, who had to redraw One Punch Man and has a source material to adapt. Azuma this time will be working toe-to-toe shoulder-to-shoulder with One scripting, writing, and giving direction to the story.

ONE’s drawing skills aren’t the best, which will be made up for by Azuma

Saitama in a special side story
Saitama Side Story by the Mangaka | Courtesy of Crunchyroll |

ONE is noted for his amazing world-building, characters, narration, humor, and Crayon Shin-Chan-like multi-panel format. Growing up, ONE drew multiple inspirations from Yoshito Usui’s legendary Crayon Shin-chan. 

Yusuke’s help allowed ONE to reintroduce One Punch Man to a larger audience

  • His work with One Punch Man didn’t take steam from the get-go. It took its time, although it set an unprecedented record. To mark its many accolades, the One Punch Man official website recorded a total view of over 124 million in 2019.
  • Averages of 100,000 views per day were hit ever since Yusuke took the helm for ONE.


One thing the author wasn’t known for was his illustrations which were aesthetically subpar. Although I would argue that it added to the shine and glory of the humorous background of the story.

Still, it lacked a certain professional touch. Yusuke was immediately mesmerized upon reading ONE’s work and wished while he was sick and hospitalized that before he dies, he wants to work on this story.

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