One Punch Man Manga Chapter 172 may have just given fans something they have awaited ever since the beginning of the series. For Saitama to be recognized by the public. This came after a brief reveal of the return of Rover and Black Sperm. Both of them were previously shown as formidable foes although no one is formidable against Saitama.

My statement is more apt for other relevant characters such as Genos for whom we care equally. While  Chapter 171 may have established Saitama’s latest henchmen, One Punch Man Chapter 172 saw the revelation of the hero as a newly appointed A Rank.

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Saitama’s history of being recognized in One Punch Man Chapter 172 is about to change

Saitama as seen in Season 1
Saitama as seen in Season 1, via Madhouse studios

Ever since the beginning of the series, it has always turned out in fatefully corresponding manners where all the credits for Saitama’s monster kill are given to someone else. All his initial one-punch kills were credited to King. This S-Ranked hero just happened to be around ever since the beginning of Saitama’s story.

  • When Saitama took care of Carnage Kabuto, Hero Association associated that with the triumph of cyborg Genos.
  • Even when the public finally witnessed Saitama one punching through the Deep Sea King his hero ranking hardly went anywhere other than the rank of C.
  • This came after Saitama held that his victory was easy because of how everyone before him made damage to the villain. He did this to stop the public from feeling that the level of the villain wasn’t much given how Saitama could deal with it. Only that all the heroes who came before him were inadequate.

Even the defeat of Garou was unaccounted for

Garou and Bang in One Punch Man Manga
Garou and Bang in One Punch Man Manga Chapter 170 | Snapped from Viz |
  • Even in the previous Manga arc, Saitama defeated Cosmic Garou all on his own. Completely reversing time and thereby making everyone including himself forget about the events that took place. Genos is the only one with the memories of the events. He retained the memory of that timeline through his core.
  • This transpired in One Punch Man Chapter 169. All of these add to the relentless frustration that the fandom may have witnessed. This comes from the odds of Saitama never being recognized. But hold fire and believe me when I assure you that One Punch Man manga will not end without Saitama’s recognition by the world. Ensuring this would be an obvious S and beyond rank for the caped baldy.

What happens in One Punch Man Chapter 172

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 172
Saitama heads to find his new home in the hero association’s hero apartment complex. courtesy of an unofficial fan-translated English copy of One Punch Man Chapter 172, via /r/OnePunchMan

The previous chapter introduced a chibi version of Black Sperm and Rover, who followed Saitama home. While Saitama saw Rover as a dog, Black Sperm vouched to be Saitama’s pet caretaker. The following chapters will likely proceed with both these monsters as Saitama’s new attendants, similar to Dimple in Mob Psycho 100.

Hero Association’s A-Rank hero protected Apartment Complex

The Hero Association has revealed their latest capitalist ploy – an apartment complex. The figure point of attracting wealthy customers for the hero association lies in their guarantee of safety. With the latest high-tech security robots installed by the S-Rank hero Metal Knight and homing many A-Rank heroes, the complex is a breathing advertisement.

The robots identify Saitama as a threat

One Punch Man Manga Chapter 172
Metal Knight’s robotic security system (courtesy of an unofficial english translation via r/OnePunchMan)
  • Saitama together with Black Sperm and Rover ends up in the apartment complex, wanting to find his new home there. The presence of the former top associate of the monster association (Black Sperm) is acknowledged.
  • This makes the latest products of Metal Knight prepare to rampage for protection. Saitama leisurely feels moved by the robots descending into his field of view. Feeling annoyed, the bald hero ends up destroying one with his palm.
One Punch Man Manga
Saitama destroys all the robots (courtesy of an unofficial english translation via r/OnePunchMan)

As more robots start identifying Saitama as a villain as a result and attack, they are met with a mechanical end.

King vouches for Saitama In Chapter 172

King vouches for Saitama
King vouches for Saitama via r/OnePunchMan
  • The sounds of explosions and battle struck the security guards. As they see Saitama approaching with a pile of dead metal security robots behind him, they remark how each cost over 9 Million yen.
  • Not taking a single second, Saitama instantly replies that they just happened to blow out on their own. The security is unmoved and unfazed. But when King, the S-Rank hero comes up and accounts for Saitama’s testimony, the security let them go.
Saitama is new A Rank
Saitama is finally revealed to be an A-Rank. courtesy of an unofficial fan-translated English copy of One Punch Man Chapter 172, via /r/OnePunchMan

The chapter ended with the revelation that Saitama has finally ascended into the A-Rank hero tier list.


This finally promises the fans their much-needed Saitama fanservice. Given how the series takes a ridiculous approach, Saitama climbing to the top is the best way to bore fans out. Think about it. Your primary incentive for watching One Punch Man other than the comedy is to see Saitama’s recognition.

Usually Shonen series use the growth of the protagonist as that mark. But with a series and story where such growth is irrelevant, i.e One Punch Man, one needs to have a growing scale. The story by author One is one such, where you rely more on Saitama’s recognition hierarchy than his power growth.

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