One Punch Man Chapter 178 has been drawing closely on the Psychich sisters – Tatsumaki and Fubuki. And it has finally decided to come on about the fight that should have happened ages ago. Saitama vs Tatsumaki is more or less happening. And here’s how it came about.

Analysis: How Tatsumaki’s strength has been portrayed in One Punch Man so far

One Punch Man Chapter 178
Tatsumaki, image courtesy of crunchyroll

It helps to set it straight that Tatsumaki has been one of the major powers in One Punch Man world. Ever since the beginning of the manga, we have been hinted that Tatsumaki is easily one of the strongest heroes.

Capable of going against the likes of Monster King Orochi himself. Although that does not mean she’s anywhere capable of even touching Saitama.

Would she have been able to take on Boros’ right-hand man? 

Even if you think about it, it feels evident that she may have been given an equal footing, even if not tremendously outshined, by the psychic henchmen of Boros.

The Universe’s then-conquerer’s right hand was capable of gravitation meddling and even creating a black hole.

Geryuganshoop proclaimed himself to be the strongest esper in the cosmos. And this feels quite true unless Mob Psycho is part of Saitama universe, which seems unlikely. Then Shigeo would definitely have taken the strongest esper role.

She’s probably the current strongest esper in the world of One Punch Man

Saitama vs Tatsumaki
Image courtesy of fictionhorizon

So in that comparison, Tatsumaki would likely not be able to beat Boros’ right hand immediately.

Although for how much smug she carries, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. She at least could have survived and maybe even beat Geryuganshoop somehow).

Yet he was beaten with One Punch by Saitama.

Analysis: What feats has Saitama shown so far?

Saitama as seen in Season 1 One Punch Man Chapter 178
Saitama as seen in Season 1, via Madhouse studios

Besides all these, we have seen Saitama do tremendous feats. And by ‘these’ I mean One Punching all villains. He is also evidently quite intelligent, despite his lackluster behavior and surface-level display.

  • When he examined the moon’s gravity by lifting a rock up in the air, we know he was measuring it so he didn’t end up destroying the satellite.
  • Tatsumaki, although quite equally intelligent, seems to be moved by her own sense of smugness and egoism.

Why is Saitama vs Tatsumaki happening in One Punch Man Chapter 178?

Given all that, in One Punch Man Chapter 178, Saitama vs Tatsumaki still feels like not a serious thing. Tatsumaki’s primary contention is that Fubuki should leave the Blizzard Group, as the group is dangerous for her.

But Fubuki herself does not intend to do such a thing. When Tatsumaki tries to enforce the same, Saitama holds her hand and stops her at her place.

How Tatsumaki couldn’t even flinch Saitama

In an attempt to let him let go of her hand, she pulls her psychic attack to let his hand go. But as much force she gives, Saitama remains unfazed and untouched.

Surprised, she increases her psychic force. Yet it doesn’t even flinch Saitama.

Tatsumaki falling in love with Saitama?

One Punch Man Chapter 178

What then appears to be Tatsumaki falling for Saitama, we see him asking her to get out of the town. This is primarily so no one in the city gets hurt.

He then grabs her, and she is hugged and carried out through the air. We see a blushing Tatsumaki. This possibly hints that the upcoming chapters will show Saitama fighting Tatsumaki, although not seriously.


For all intents and purposes, she might be a bit smug and egoistical bitch, but by no means is she evil. Given all that, she’s likely to end up falling for the strongest man she’s ever faced in her life.

That’s how we expect One Punch Man Chapter 179 to deal with the Psychic Sisters arc.

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